Friday 10 May 2019

Limericks About CLASSIC POETRY

WORDPLAY post #165 
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio (registered pseudonym) and Dr. GH, January 2019. The indicated verses have also been web-published at   The Omnificent English Dictionary ILimerick Form is an online humor dictionary that has accumulated over 100,000 carefully edited poems (Giorgio is proud to have contributed almost 300). 

SONGLINK: For those readers who like poetry set to music: You can find lots of singable limerick-medleys and other song formats on our sister blog "SILLY SONGS and SATIRE", such as this recent post

A singable version of the John Keats' poem has been concocted by Giorgio with the help of 'The Eagles', and can be found here.

On OEDILF, there is a delightful poem defining 'frabjous' by the Editor-in-Chief, Chris J. Strolin, which you can view by following this link

And, for those who prefer to sing, Giorgio and his international team can help you sing "Jabberwocky" in multiple languages, if you click here.   

Read more about alligators, including their geographic range, at Wikipedia here. Or, to sing along with Giorgio's efforts to set Nash's poems to music, check this submission on the blog "SILLY SONGS and SATIRE".

Fans of Dante can find singable versions of cantos 1 through 7 on the lyrics-satire blog "SILLY SONGS and SATIRE" as shown in this table...

You can start at the most recent song-post, Canto #6, and work your way backwards blog style, and then follow the links shown in the song-blog in any order you like. 

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