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 palindromes used in the parody-song "Bob" by Weird Al Yankovic; these were presumably selected for inclusion in the song based on being short, easy to pronounce, and potentially rhymable.

(Y=Yankovic used it; G = Giorgio used it in Gnats Stang; P= palindomists)

A dog, a panic in a pagoda Y
A Toyota's a Toyota. Y
Do geese see God? Y
Lonely Tylenol. Y 
Madam, I'm Adam. Y
Ma is as selfless as I am. Y
No lemons, no melon. Y
No 'x' in Nixon. Y
Never odd or even. Y
Nurse, i spy gypsies. Run Y
O, stone, be not so. Y
(See/saw): Warsaw was raw/Was it a car or a cat I saw?/Now I see bees/Senile felines Y 
Too hot to hoot. Y
UFO tofu. Y

A dog, a plan, a canal - pagoda. G
A man, a plan, a canal - Panama. G
A Santa +/-deified at NASA. G
Able ere Elba. G
Dennis, Madam, sinned. G   
(Grouch). To pseudonym enemy, no due spot/Toronto got no rot.  G
Nurse I spy gypsies - run. G
(Vets). Dog-doo -- Good God! G
Zeus sees Suez. G

Step on no pets  P
Gnu dung  P
Stack cats, taco-cat, pooch coop  P
Mr Owl ate my metal worm  P

A dim Ida
A man, a potato - Panama
Drawn onward
Emil asleep peels a lime
Flee to me, remote elf 
Ma is as selfless as I am
No melon, no lemon
satire veritas (grouch)
Sex of foxes
Sir a plan, a canal - Paris
Too hot to hoot
Timid I'm it / No it is opposition (negation B)
To idiot: 
Yreka bakery

STILL AVAILABLE (listed in Yankovic's "BOB")
Ah, Satan sees Natasha.
Do nine men interpret? Nine men I nod.
God! A red nugget! A fat egg under a dog!
I, man, am regal- a German am I.
If I had a hi-fi.
Lisa Bonet ate no basil.
No devil lived on.
May a moody baby doom a yam?
"Naomi", I moan.
Not a banana baton.
O Geronimo, no minor ego.
Oh no! Don Ho!
Oozy rat in a sanitary zoo.
Rats live on no evil star.
Rise to vote, sir.
Too bad I hid a boot.
We panic in a pew.
Won't lovers revolt now?

STILL AVAILABLE (listed in Giorgio's "Gnats Stang")

A D-N-A, prefer panda 
A Dan, a clan, a canal Canada?A Nan, a brat, a gnat stang a tar-banana
A lob, a rap-parabola
A tan, I plan a banal piñata.
A yap, a Papa-papaya
Amen, enema    
Amor, a dab, bad aroma;   
Dammit, I’m mad
Dr. of trams, smart Ford;   Draw eel leeward    
Call–I’d a Cadillac. 
Came curt war, now I won raw truce, Mac
Drown in Word
Hair, a plain arc, cranial pariah
Diaper repaid; 
Far again, Niagara F(alls).
Eh (Can.), a panache
Eh, çva, la vache!
Odd Al–Lad, do!
No levers revel on
Egad, no bondage
Lewd did I live, evil did I dwel'
Name tame mate, man;
 Now, Roy, am I mayor won  
Trats stressed desserts, start!
Uvula. A’ luv U 
Wed on level, no dew; 
Wets dab noses on bad stew 
Wontons–not now;  
You boy! Yo, buoy!

STILL AVAILABLE (listed in Palindromist Contest)
top spot
trapeze part
code nine, Doc
pull up 
rise, sir
regal lager
trapeze part
tin unit
race car
(signs:) yell ava, pan - Napa valley) 
Dad, Mom, Sis, tot, nun, pup, ewe
rio memoir
Tut (King)
evil olive
dogma am God
drowsy sword
red ice cider
Mr. Alarm
Aha! Huh! Heh! Tut-tut! Wow! zzzz! 

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