Monday 15 October 2018

SAPPY VERSE: Satire Inspired by Joyce Kilmer's "TREES"*

WORDPLAY post #139

SATIRE COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, September 2018. Today's verses have been published at, an online humour dictionary that has accumulated 110,000 carefully edited limericks. 

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KILMER'S "TREES" UPDATED, (Giorgio's version)

 I fear that I shall never view

Ogden Nash,
poet and humorist
 A spoof that gobbles CO2.

 Rough drafts - their scribbled nest o’erflows

 The Blue-Box prest against my toes.

 And spoofs get hungry – ask their sire -

 For watts that flow down printer wire.

 Both home and office still it seems

 Consume their daily MegaReams.
 Once de-composed, spoofs’ souls will pass

 Into the stock of greenhouse gas.

 (The ozone loss from page and line

 Intimidates the Northern Pine).

 God’s Earth will fry ere Hell may freeze;

 Save forests, don’t print parodies. 

The author revels in a small reforestation project,
Port Bruce, Ontario

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