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Lyrics for Singable Satire/Wordplay: "PAIRS", tributing the Bee Gees


ORIGINAL SONG: "Words", Bee Gees, 1968.
PARODY COMPOSED: Dr. G.H. and Giorgio Coniglio, 2015, updated 2018 and 2020. This song is the first in a series of nine parodies dealing with Word-Pairs. The links at the bottom of this post will take you to the lyrics for the other songs in this series.

FURTHER EXPLANATION: For an illustrated slide-presentation on binomials (irreversible word pairs), and a compendium of alliterative pairs go to this post
For a more didactic take on this topic, check out the Wikipedia article here.

UKULELE and GUITAR-FRIENDLY LINK: Our whole series of songs can be found in a friendly format for ukulele (and guitar)-players on our sister blog  "SILLY SONGS and SATIRE". Click here to proceed to this site. But note that as it is a 'private blog' you will need to arrange access, if you don't already have it. Leave a comment on this post if you want to access the version with chord-charts and helpful performing suggestions.



(to the tune of "Words") 

Pairs -  binomial phrases. There's  (bi-NOAM-yuhl)
(Compared to single entities)
Flair, as seen in "wear and tear",
Where pairs submerge identities. 

Two nouns joined with conjunction --
AND serves that "form and function", sometimes OR.
Verb-pairs and adjectives unite;
And "fish" and "fowl" with NEITHER/NOR. 

"Shouts and murmurs": such a phrase
Explains the "ins and outs" to me.
With "back to front" I'm in a daze,
Enhancing "fears and doubts" to me. 

I cringe at "one and only" words,
No single words I voice ...
So "near and dear",
Word-pairs are what can make all "guys and dolls" rejoice. 

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