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   Here are some palindromes, mostly concocted recently. Some of these palindromic phrases had first been displayed in one of our blogposts in 2017. Note that the author believes that wordplay derivations such as palindromes and anagrams are not 'invented', but merely 'reported' by canny observers, and some of today's offerings have been copied from others' reports as well as from the blog-author's earlier work. 

  Personal political views are also reflected in verse form at the bottom of the palindrome list. (Originally, we were going to devote this post strictly to palindromic utterances, but couldn't resist the temptation to add some poetry.) 

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1. Sad nut or red nut under rotundas.

2. Debut tubed. 

3. No, worse! Panders to idiots, rednapes. Row on!  

4. Hair, a plan, if final - pariah!

5. 'Nit up' -- sides reversed is -- 'Putin'. 

6. Must sell at tallest sum.

7. Re 'hypocrisy': as I say sir, copy her. 

8. Denial slain, Ed.

9. Nip in if I pull up. Pull up if I nip in.

10. Deep state: état speed.  [Fr. = state]

11. Embargos so grab me.

12.a) O gal, a ram, part flog! Golf-trap - Mar-a-lago.
     b) Golf, par, sin-net, pant. Nap, tennis, rap, flog.

13. 'Nit-up' pun? Up, Putin!

14. No! It is opposition.

15. A "I" on a rap - paranoia.

16. One racist, " If 'stir grits' fits, I care? No."

17. Pure talk. KKK later up.

18. S,W,E,N (x?) of Fox News.

19. Snug guns if I snug guns.

20. Star? Come, Don. No Democrats.

21. In word-salad, alas, drown I.

22. Bar an Arab.

23. "No!", in uneven union.

24. Pure, boss is. Sober up! 

25. Re "We freer" - Fewer.

26. All a wall - awe! Walla Walla.

27. A man, a plan - racy, carnal (Panama).

28. Rail? Erupting, I sign it 'Pure Liar'.  

29. Aid, nix - India. 

30. Red, rob, a wall, law - a Border. 

31.a) A man, a plan, if A - final (Panama).
     b) A man, a plan, if B - final (Panama).
     c) A man, a plan, if C - final (Panama).

32.a) Retracting, I sign it 'Carter'.
     b) Dubya won? No way, bud.
     c) "No demerits tire me", Don.

33. Side-ballot, Biden? One dib. Toll abides. 

34. Ya! Deride to vote! Dire day.

35.a) No X in Nixon. 
     b) No Melania in 'a lemon'.
     c) 'Sir', obsesses Boris. 

36. "Star comedy -- Democrats."

37. A game - divide: MAGA. 

38. Elba? Rudy, "Baby, durable!"

39.a) "No!", e.g. nude dungeon. 
     b) No sin-unit, in unison.
     c) No DC-Don. 


And, before you go...
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