Friday, 14 October 2022

for Oct 14, "idioms for idiots" WIP

WORD PAIR idioms

1) binomial expressions T524178

2) echoic binomials T524248

3) fixed (sin and redemption) T515052

4) birds and bees T515172

5) fossil word T515072

6) food and drink T524360

7) duplications T515171

+ / -

by gosh  and by golly(Hawley, Joshua) T520833

OTHERS, e.g. metaphors

1) bull in a china shop T508464 - HELD

2) close quarters T509465

3) break of day T524399

4) at last / at the last T524291

Wednesday, 5 October 2022

American Satire: SEQUEL


This post provides a follow-up to 
"AMERICAN SATIRE (A Term of Endirement) #1"
"AMERICAN SATIRE (A Term of Endirement) #2"
"AMERICAN SATIRE (A Term of Endirement) #3"
"AMERICAN SATIRE (A Term of Endirement) #4"
and "AMERICAN SATIRE (A Term of Endirement) #5"

If you have enjoyed these verses, you can enjoy even more material on the same topic:

 'Poetry and Pathos: Gun Control Verses
- 'a brief saga: Mar-a-Lago'
- 'political palindromes A through P' (click HERE to start).
There are also some parody-song lyrics posted in 2019 and 2020, that you might like, including: 
- 'The Ballad of Giuliani', part I and part II.


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