Wednesday 10 January 2018

Enthralling Thrice-Monthly WORDPLAY Jan '18 #2

WORDPLAY post #97
Periodic postings of palindromes, Scramble-Town Maps (creative cartography), binomial phrases, verse, etc. 

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#1. I man, am regal – a lager-man am I. Ed, the Derailed Liar
#2.Nemo, we revere women. Ed, the Derailed Liar
#3a. Nemo; women.      b. Nema; men.
     c. Nem’ – ac/dc - Amen.          Pedro, the Goofy 'Dromer
#3. Not New York, Roy went on.       Ed, the Derailed Liar
#4. Alas, Ramón. No marsala.
 #5a. No lemon. No melon.
     b. Lemon? No, Mel.               Melonia
#6a. No lemon in “O, melon.”
     b. No melon in “O, lemon.”   Melonia
7. Émil, asleep, peels a lime.    Melonia

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