Monday 20 December 2021

DEC 20 (2021), "SELFLESSNESS": More Magical Palindromes

SATIRE COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio/ Dr GH, November 2019.
An extensive series of our recent posts highlighted maps that displayed targets for palindromic utterances about the world and its major cities. And in the process of doing this, we rediscovered our previous concept of "'Magical Palindromes". You can get into this delightful world or wordplay by checking out the most recent posts in that series, "Magical Canal Palindromes", " Unplanned Canal Palindromes", and  "Magical Palindromes -- Beyond Canals" and . 
The aim of the current blog is to extend these concepts in the spirit of the holidays, using a word that has been pivotal in the development of palindromes -- selfless
You might also want to review the comments by our band of spoofing contributing palindromists, in response to the challenge of spoofing the classic palindromic phrase "Ma is as selfless as I am." 

If you need help with the concept of magical palindromes, see the slide at the bottom of the post; it shows some simple examples which help you get the idea.

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