Friday 5 June 2020

Inner Enlightenment: The SCOPES of MODERN MEDICINE

Endoscopic procedures
Esophago-gastro-duodenoscopy (EGD)
Fiberoptic laryngoscopy
Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
Veterinary bronchoscopy
More to follow

Authors' Note

Uro: medical jargon for 'urologist'

scope: (jargon, as here) in modern usage, a camera with flexible fiberoptic cable to visualize internal viscera; abbreviated from endoscope

   This verse deals with endoscopic procedures that use flexible fiberoptic devices to inspect and sometimes to biopsy or to treat the lining of various hollow body organs (viscera). Recently, as  such instruments have become more technically sophisticated and widely used, these procedures have expanded their role and their accuracy in specialty medical practice. Advanced training is required for practitioners to acquire expertise. In addition to the procedures mentioned in this collection of verses, similar considerations underlie operative laparoscopy, culdoscopy, etc. 

Authors' Note 

Central Booking: a hospital department that schedules equipment and personnel for time-dependent procedures

scope: short form for endoscopy, a procedure in which a tube containing a camera system is introduced for visualization of a body cavity via a natural body opening, or via a small incision

Disorders of the upper gastrointestinal tract (especially lower esophagus, stomach, and uppermost bit of small bowel - duodenum) are common and usually symptomatic. EGD, allows visualization of the tract's inner lining or mucosa, and biopsy of suspicious areas. Similar instrumentation is used in a spectrum of medical situations. Various specialties may employ the term ‘endoscopy’ or ‘scope’ to indicate their favorite procedure.  

Authors' Note:
ENTmedical specialty involving health and disorders of the ear, nose and throat; also referred to as otolaryngology

Failure of the body's GE junction can sometimes result in symptoms of inflammation in the throat (hoarseness, cough), rather than the more typical symptom of heartburn related to the esophagus.

Diagnosis is simple in modern times, as most specialists can perform flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy as part of the outpatient examination. In more obvious cases, 'free' (unprovoked) reflux of stomach contents can actually be viewed during the examination.

Authors' Note: Prior to the surgical treatment of bronchogenic lung cancer, your doctor will check for possible asymptomatic spread of disease with mediastinoscopy,  including biopsy of lymphatic tissue adjacent to the lungs

Authors' NoteCholangiopancreatography  is a technique for evaluation of the biliary and pancreatic systems of ducts by a skilled endoscopic operator, who advances the instrument, where possible through the intestine's duodenum into the common bile duct. in some cases treatment, e.g. extraction of gallstones, may also be performed with the diagnostic device. The technique is of particular value when radiographic imaging (e.g. CT scanning), is unable to distinguish between inflammation (often due to impacted gallstones) and neoplasia (cancer).  

Authors' Note: SheilaB, a physician and prodigious creator of limericks at the OEDILF web-site, defined the bronco ("unbroken horse"), and would have been perplexed by my confusion with the homonomous Greek root broncho- ("windpipe"). Certainly, we would all need to call on our veterinarian colleagues to learn more about the investigation of respiratory maladies in horses. Bronchoscopy is a fairly commonly performed procedure in diagnosis of human lung disorders.

The unrelated term honcho ("group leader", or "boss") is of Japanese derivation.

Editors' note:  cystoscope is a type of endoscope that is inserted into the urethra for the purpose of examining it and the bladder. it is also used for obtaining tissue samples for biopsies; in some highly specialized circumstances, it is also used for treatment.

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