Saturday 15 January 2022

Not before we need it: PLANET-SAVING VERSE #1

Beach foam
'Clean' coal
Coy koi (introduced species)
Enzootic ending
Invasive species
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Authors' Note: In the polarized United States, the term denier, sometimes specified as science denier or climate-change denier, is taken to mean a person who denies either the existence or human causation of global warming.
Another discussion of clean coal can be found in an OEDILF verse by contributing editor Dr. Work:

We are led to believe that clean coal
Should be sought as a practical goal:
To store carbon dioxide
Deep under the dockside
Or pumped very deep down a hole.

Authors' Note: The Amur carpCyprinus rubrofuscus, is a long-lived freshwater fish native to extensive areas of Eastern Asia. Centered in the Niigata prefecture of Japan, breeders have taken advantage since 1820 of genetic variability in the color of fish-scales to produce variants in a variety of remarkable decorative colors that may be further enhanced by selection and cross-breeding. Nishikigoi ('brocaded carp'), less formally referred to as koi ('carp'), have been recently pursued further as a hobby and as a commercial interest in various Asian countries.

On every continent, koi populations have 'escaped' and become established as invasive intruders in freshwater ponds and streams (where their color eventually reverts to that of undomesticated Amur carp). As koi characteristically alter the environment, increasing the turbidity of freshwater bodies, native species have been displaced.
You can watch the koi swimming when you view the verse on out "Daily " website.

Author's Note: Pretty much a true story. 

Authors' Note:  Having suffered the ravages of Covid-19, has humanity's ability to cope with outbreaks of infectious disease improved? Not too much. This pessimistic verse was written after seeing a TV documentary revealing updates on what we have learned about the potential threats of further epidemics. 


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