Thursday, 5 May 2022


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What you have below is our more encyclopedic blog, "Edifying Nonsense."
This site will pique your interest for a longer duration with entire collections about a particular topic. But, even devoted readers can develop fatigue, so as verses are added over time, and the total verses exceed a dozen, we tend to invoke binary fission, and split the group into two informative servings.

This post is a continuation of 'MAMMALIAN WILDLIFE part#1', posted for your entertainment on this blog dated June 15, 2021.

 (Ed. note) The above is iambic verse, unlike most of what we post here, which is anapestic (limerick-based); therefore this brief doggerel scans like this: 
'MOST of US to QUELL the FUSSes'
PreSUME we're HIPpoPOTaMUSes'.

We are indebted to Bill Wingfield for contributing the idea for the previous poem. 

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