Wednesday 5 January 2022

Grandpa Greg's Advanced Grammar: GREEK PREFIXES #1

Hyper- and hypo-

Author's Note: You might enjoy a verse about 'ANOSMIA', that you can sniff out by clicking HERE. 

Authors' Note:

auto is a prefix derived from Greek and Latin meaning 'self' or 'same'.
A motto frequently represents a high standard of achievement claimed or aspired to by the person or institution.

We have a verse about 'Autophagia' that you might find intriguing (Click HERE.)
And, HERE's another that you'll probably find less intriguing, even gruesome.

Authors' Note: Click HERE, for your entertainment, to review a verse about diarrhea; and HERE's another one, about diaphoresis (sweating).

Click HERE to review a verse about dyspareunia.

Authors' Note: To view what's inside you, you might want to look through a collection of verses about endoscopy entitled "Inner Enlightenment: The Scopes of Modern Medicine". Click HERE!  

Authors' Note: 
ephemeral: transitory; derived from the Greek epi-'on' + hemera-'day', a variant form of the prefix
ephedrine: drug isolated in 1885 from the traditional Chinese medicine ephedra, sometimes an abused stimulant, recently deleted from combined medications and from formularies in many countries owing to side effects, including increased risk of sudden death
schleppy: dragging or fatigued, from the Yiddish word schlep.
The gravesite of Giuseppe is marked by the simple epitaph, "Epicurean Hippy".

Here's a verse about Epistaxis, that exemplifies the use of the prefix EPI- .

Authors' Note: These names for professional endeavours, derived from the Greek root chiro (hand), have quite different meanings and pronunciations.

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