Sunday, 10 July 2022

Sleek Introductions: GREEK PREFIXES

You might enjoy a verse about 'ANOSMIA', that you can reach by clicking HERE. 

We have a verse about 'Autophagia' that you might find intriguing (Click HERE.)
And, HERE's another that you'll probably find less intriguing, even gruesome.

Click HERE, for your entertainment, to review a verse about diarrhea.

Click HERE to review a verse about dyspareunia.
And, HERE is one about my favorite neologism (word-creation) dyscoprotaxis (link available only after September, 2022).

You will undoubtedly enjoy our poem about 'endoscopy', particularly as it leads into an entire collection of verses about Endoscopic procedures, entitled "The Scopes of Modern Medicine".

Here's a verse about Epistaxis, that exemplifies the use of the prefix EPI- .


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