Monday 5 December 2022

For the Love of Greece: HELLENOPHILIA

Greek Evzones
Cretan gorges

Approaching Santorini
Tipping on Thera
Santorini wines
Calamari on Heraklia
The Aegean cat (3 verses, a 'brief saga')
Cyclades (3 verses, a 'brief saga')
Dodecanese (4 verses, a 'brief saga')
Acropolis (3 verses, a 'brief saga')

Authors' Note:

Evzone (EHV-zohn, anglicized form): member of anelite unit drawn from the Hellenic Army Infantry Corps

Grand Change: a more elaborate version of the hourlychanging of the guard (taking place on Sunday morning at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in
Athens' Syntagma Square), providing a popular photo-op for locals and tourists

klepht (KLEHFT): Greek fighter in the War of Independence

fustanella: kilt made from 30 meters of white cotton, supposedly with 400 pleats to represent the years of Ottoman occupation.

Authors' Note:
Heraklia (population ~150), south of Naxos, is the largest island in the Lesser Cyclades chain.

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