Saturday 15 April 2023


Dawning of history
Hippocratic oath
Heavenly host
Herbicide (3 verses, a 'brief saga')
More to follow

Authors' Note: When writers distort historic timelines intentionally or inadvertently in concocting their plots, they are said to write anachronistically.

Most of the above-mentioned Roman poets have also been discussed individually elsewhere on the OEDILF site. Many of these figures have had their true Latin names altered considerably to fit our Anglo-Latin construct. Apparently, however, none of these authors adopted the limerick format in their poetry.

Authors' NoteThe origins of the Hippocratic Oath, as discussed in the above verse, join several others by the authors under the rubric "creative anachronism". Although little is known of classic Greek office routines, there is no confirmation that clerks transcribed dictated medical reports during that epoch. One has to wait to the modern era for the invention of the typo.

Hippocrates of Kos was putatively the author of many texts (the Hippocratic Corpus) deriving from the school of medicine on his native island, one of two that thrived in Greece during its classical period. Among early descriptions of diseases, symptoms and treatments were attributed comments on the humanistic basis of medical practice that were formalized centuries later into the assertion of medical ethics and professionalism that we know today.   

Authors' Note: A number of religions tell of an epic battle staged in Heaven involving an army of angels that resulted in the casting out of Satan (or equivalent) and his followers. The governance, duties, activities and whereabouts of the Heavenly Host in the ensuing epoch is seldom mentioned.

The author apologizes for any apparent error in his account, but points out that he is a true disbeliever.

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