Friday, 5 May 2023

Forward Thinkers: PINKOS

Authors' Note: As pointed out by Janet McConnaughey, an OEDILF assistant editor, the term dinner, the principal meal of the day, can be used in several connotations, including assemblies of civic groups over a periodic organizational meal.

The communitarians were philosophically oriented writers arising in Britain in the 19th century, whose utopian ideas incorporated 
socialism, collectivism, and experimentation with communal living. Whether they had organizational meetings over meals, and the specific foods served, are unrecorded details; one imagines that most such thinkers would avoid eating meat, and would likely be vegans or vegetarians.

                                                                                   #120748, approved May 2023   
Authors' Note: Liberal thinking seized Europe towards the middle of the nineteenth century. Emboldened by the partial successes of the politically-targeted Chartists, intellectuals were drawn to idealistic social movements such as communitarianism. According to Wikipedia, John Goodwyn Barmby (1820 – 1881), one of its principals, introduced the term 'communist', based on the French le communisme and founded a revue called The Communist Chronicle. Seeking a spiritual path, he later founded the Communist Church, a sect that had congregations numbering in the teens at its peak. When the church folded in 1849, Barmby became active as a Unitarian minister.

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