Saturday 15 July 2023


Gluten sensitivity
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Authors' Note:  Birdlife is an occasionally used term, analogous to "wildlife", denoting aerial creatures that otherwise would have to be described by the term avifauna. Needless to say, all birdlife currently known is located on the planet Earth.

Authors' Note: Trudy's definition seems to be skewed towards the achievement of cruddiness, downplaying inherent or intrinsic cruddiness. We await further reports.

Authors' Note: "Self-assembly" affordable and transportable furniture is the basis of success for Ikea , a successful Swedish marketer. The stability of their sewing tables is remarkable, assuming you can get all the fasteners placed correctly.

Authors' Note:  Celiac disease (also spelled coeliac), is the classic gastrointestinal disease, characterized by poor absorption of nutrients and resultant wasting, that is caused by sensitivity to gluten, a composite of two storage proteins that are found extensively in certain cereal grains. Diseases involving other body systems have also been described even in the absence of the classic GI symptoms. For uncertain reasons, there has been a recent dramatic increase in a less severe but contentious problem referred to as non-celiac gluten sensitivity, whose treatment is the same as for the classic disease, i.e. elimination of sources of gluten from the diet. This type of food intolerance was previously discussed in a brief saga ('"Gino's food intolerance") that you can find HERE.

Authors' Note:
hamulus: (Latin) a little hook, plural = hamuli, with biologic implications discussed at OEDILF in a verse by Snowy Owl. Also, the hamate bone of the human wrist, bearing a prominent hook-like extension is a relatively frequent site of human fractures, as in a verse by your blogging team (see link below).

Remus: one of Rome's mythological founding twin infants, most often pronounced in anglo-Latin as REE-mus, but here, invoking more classic Latin, as RAY-mus.

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