Sunday 5 November 2023



previously posted poems
(part #1 - December 5, 2021)
hale and hearty
hug and kiss
food and drink 
first and last
sin and redemption
down and out
betwixt and between
hem and haw
(part #2 - August 5, 2023) 
flotsam and jetsam
by hook or by crook
poop and scoop
bump and grind
birds and bees
flora and fauna
publish or perish
for better or for worse

Echoic binomials (a brief saga - 3 verses)

In the following collection, "bigger and bigger" exemplifies nicely the echoic binomial.

And, it doesn't take too much imagination to guess that the whole enterprise can be extended on occasion to three parallel words (nouns, verbs or adjective).

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