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CANALINDROMES: A Trip in Both Directions Through the Panama Canal.

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ORIGINAL SOURCES: Classic lists, e.g. PalindromeList (PL)Neil/Fred's Gigantic List of Palindromes. provide a portion of the palindromes; the remainder were composed by GC.

Leigh Mercer, a Briton, presumably invented the famous palindrome
    A man, a plan, a canal - Panama
Ben Jonson, inventor of 
the term palindrome


Some of these palindromic phrases and sentences fact deal with canal themes; some are selected due to the ultimate emphasis on intriguing place-names. 
Other phrases listed here are based on the well-recognized word order of Mercer's classic phrase.

A number of additional phrases were not included here, but for relevance were included in other topic-focused palindrome-collections on this blog, particularly post #8 (Culinary World), post #9 (Political Blurts), #12 (Satan), and #14 (Romance).]

A discussion of historical aspects, and some further examples are found at   Panama : Fun-with-Words.


Mercer's famous palindrome


Having fun with the classic palindrome has 
always been a source of delight. So here are a few examples from our collection of "Classic Palindromes and Goofy Variants"  to introduce the topic ... 


A cap, lass, an ass - alpaca.

A car, a man -  a maraca. [man can be substituted by mat, or map] 

A car, a man afar, a fan, a maraca.

A dog, a pagan, a nag - a pagoda.

A dog, a panic in a pagoda.

A dog, a plan, a cat, a bat, a canal - pagoda.

A flan, a final plan, if an Alfa. 

A ion, a rap - paranoia. [poor grammar excused, right?]

A lag, a man, a petite Panama - gala.

A lob, a rap, sin-net, tennis - parabola. 

A Maj., a panic in a pajama.

A Maj., a plat, a fan, a fatal pyjama.

A mall, a plan, a canal, Pa - llama.

A man, a pail, a loss, Olga - glossolalia (Panama).

A man, a pain, a mania - Panama.

A man, a palate et al. - a panama.

A man, a pan, a nab, a banana - Panama.

A man, a pang, a salad, a lasagna - Panama.

A man, a panino, O Nina - Panama.

A man, a panorama: Pam, Aron, a panama. 

A man, a pasta-salad; alas - 'at's-a Panama.

A man, a pat, a hat - a panama.

A man; a pat fan; el Can.-Am. manacle – NAFTA   (Panama).

A man, a pâté, feta - Panama.

A man, a penal-lane - Panama.

A man, a peon, a canoe - Panama.

A man, a person; no 's' re Panama.

A man, a pin-up, pun I -  Panama.

A man, a plain, Ed; denial -  Panama.

A man, a plan A - banal! - Panama. 

A man, a plan, a bat - a banal panama. [bat could be replaced by bat, bar, ball, bass

A man, a plan, a bar, a car -  a banal panama. ['a bar, a car' could be replaced by several options, e.g. a bat, a mat; a ban, a can - see below]

A man, a plan, a cab, a canal - Panama. [cab could be replaced by cad, can, cap, car, cat, also call 

A man, a plan, a call, a canal - Panama


A man, a plan, a cannon, a nonna, canal - Panama. [It. for grandma]

A man, a plan, a canoe: peon, a canal - Panama.

A man, a plan, a canon anon, a canal - Panama.  

A man, a plan, a cat, a hat, a canal - Panama. 

A man, a plan, acetate canal - Panama. 

A man, a plan, if B-- final! - Panama. 

A man, a plan, if C -- final! - Panama.  etc.

A man, a plan, I fall;  a final Panama.

A man, a plan, if B (if fib), final - Panama.

A man, a plan, if final - Panama.  

A man, a plane, venal! - Panama.

A man, a plate, stir grits et al. - Panama.

A man, a planet; ten, Al - Panama.

A man, a poem or Romeo - Panama.

A man, a poison. No! Sí! O Panama. 

A man, a pool, a deed, a loo - Panama.

A man, a poser-Pres – O, Panama!

A man, a poseur; rue so! – Panama.

A man, a pot, pogo; GOP to Panama.

A man, a POT-Elect, Cele – to Panama.

A man? A prison. No sir! Panama.  (contributed by Sarah Palindrome)

A man, a prop, rot, torpor - Panama. 

A man, a pun, gag, a banana bag, a gnu - Panama.

A man, a pun, gnat, a tan, gnu - Panama.

A man apart, Luc. Ultra? - Panama. [Fr. for 'hard-liner']

A man-ape: rare - Panama.

A man, app, eels asleep - Panama.

A man appals; I slap - Panama.

A man, apogee, ego - Panama.

A man, Apollo - Panama.

A man, Apple-Help - Panama.

A nab, a clan, a canal  - cabana.

A Nan, a ball, a hall -  a banana.

A nan, a brat, a tar - banana.

A nit, a plan, a canal - patina. 

A plan, a call, a canal - PA. ['PA' is Panama's international postal abbreviation]

A tip - "Le Falafel" - pita.

A yap, a Papa -  papaya.

Al let a plan, a canal - patella. [surgical ligament repair?]

Ale, map. Gals lag, Pamela.

Amen! enamor a Roman enema.  

Amen, icy cinema.

Art-seal, a plan, a canal - palaestra.

Ate plate, elk-cub, buckle et al. - PETA.

Dill, a plan, a canal - pallid.

Elle, canal a nacelle.  [Fr. - Look it up !]

Max. élan: I gave vaginal exam.

No lavatory? Rot! - Avalon.

No lavabos, (sob) - Avalon. 

No sir! plan a canal - Prison.

O Nina, place a caecal panino.  [It. - sandwich]

One man a polo-gigolo -  panameňo.

One man, a prism, Sir  -  panameňo.

One man, a prison? no Sir -  panameňo.

One man, a palate; snub buns et al. - a panameňo.

One man, Apollo - panameňo. [Sp. for a citizen of Panama]

One man, a perusal, a plan, a canal, pal? - A sure panameňo.

One man, a plan -A.C. (Canal Panameňo).

Satan, I plan a canal - piňatas.

Sine (p), a plan, a canal, Pa - p***s.

Sis, airy task - satyriasis.

Sugar, a psalm - (L.) asparagus.

And  finally.....

LAN, A.C., a man, Apple-Help - Panama Canal.

FOLLOW-UP NOTE: Owing to the number of palindromes dealing with other geographic sites, but analogous in structure to the iconic 'Panama Palindrome', 2 subsequent postings have been developed - see Post #65 and  Post #68

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WORDPLAY post #14
PALINDROMES: an alphabetic list of topic-directed examples.
EDITOR: Giorgio Coniglio, February 2017.



A dim or fondle-held 'No' from Ida.

A man, a pain, amor - Romania (Panama).

A man, a pin-up (pun I) - Panama.

A man, a poem or Romeo - Panama.

A man, a pro, a "Hola!", "Aloha", or Panama.

A man? I gave no one v***na, Ma.

A slim or fond 'No' from Ilsa.

Ah, a moniliasis. Ail in Omaha.

Aloe, rapid dip - areola.

Alone: Rabbi's sib - bare Nola.

Amen, a Piety-Lyte - Ipanema.

Amen, a pill -  Ipanema.

Amen, a pin-up pun: Ipanema.

Amore - Roma. 

An ad, "Peep if I peep. Dana" 

An ad, "Strap parts if I strap parts. Dana"

Are Mac 'n' Oliver ever evil on camera?

As I pee, sir, I see Pisa.

Bad exes sexed, Ab.

Burrow or rub.

Cain, a motor erotomaniac.

Dennis sinned.  (See post "Satan and His Devilish Palindromes" for many variants)  

Dig Ira - rigid.

Don said, "A Nadia's nod ..." 

Doomed: un-nude mood.

Ed under Deb's bed. Red, nude.

Egad! No bare life-defiler - a bondage.

Elope, else sleep. Olé !

Eros? Sidney, my end is sore.

Ev; lovers revolve.

"Even it felt left in," Eve.

Harass exes, Sarah.

"I desire not one rise", Edi.

I moan, "Spit tops if I spot tips, Naomi."

I roamed under it as a tired, nude Maori.

Ma is a nun, as I am.

Ma is at sensuous nest, as I am.

Motel bidet: Edible, Tom.

Motto B sotto Otto's bottom.

Ms; I pair-prefer. Refer -  "priapism".

Naomi, I moan.

Nemo, we revere women.

No lynxes' sex - nylon.

No lynxes pale. Lap-sex. Nylon.

No! Tie it on.

Now, Ned, I am a maiden won.

Nu? Fondle held; no fun. 

One man, Apollo - panameňo

Puff up if I puff up.

Retract bed-debt, Carter.

Revolt on Yale, delay not lovers.

"Ron. I'm a minor."

Senile feline prefer penile felines.

Sex-elf flexes.

"Sex afar", Ira faxes. 

Sex at my gym taxes.

Sex at noon taxes.

Sex at p.m. or romp taxes. 

Sex aware era waxes.

Sex of foxes.

Sex - obese boxes.

Sis; airy task - satyriasis.

Solo gigolos. 

Sore? Bursitis rub, Eros.

Strap on no parts.

Sun- an avid divan - anus.

T. Eliot Ret. faxes, "Sex after toilet".

Tender red net.

Too hot to hoot.

Tulsa tips: "66; spit." A slut. 

Uvula -  'A luv U. 

Women! Ah! a mode, Ed - Omaha NE. Mow!

Won't lovers revolt now?

Yawn! O, latex et al. on way.

Yawn! Amore, Roman way. 


Tuesday 15 November 2016


PALINDROMES: new and previously published

Editor: Giorgio Coniglio, February, 2017 (In an earlier form, this collection had been posted in a blogpost on "Giorgio's Ukable Parodies")

A surprising proportion of palindromes is characterized by themes of denial, reproach, disparagement, sarcasm and prudery. Some of this wordplay has been listed here in the 2 previous posts "Satan and His Devilish Palindromes", and "Palindromic Blurts from Ed, the Derailed Liar". 

Here are some more examples.



A dim or fond 'no' from Ida.

Alas, Ramón. No marsala.

A man, a plan, a cad, a canal, Panama. 

A man appals, I slap Panama. 

Amen! Eon; no enema.

A Santa peed deep at NASA.

A Santa fled elf at NASA.

A slut nixes sex in Tulsa.

A Toyota? Race garage-car; a Toyota.

Ate plate, elk-cub, buckle et al. - PETA.

Ban/borrow or rob/nab.

Border burrow, or rub red, Rob.

Damn US nixes tax at sex in sun. Mad!

Den-gila? Tong not aligned.

Dentist? Sit, Ned.

Derail liar, Ed.

Diaper repaid.

Diaper wet - stew repaid.

Dill, a plan, a canal - pallid.

Dog-doo. Good God!

Dolce vita, Gen. - negative clod.

Dons retool. Looters nod.

Egad! A base tone denotes a bad age.

Eh, ça va, la vache!

Evade tame mate, Dave.

Evita, Gen.? Negative.

Flee radon. No dare, elf!

Flee to me remote elf.

Gnats stang. 

Gnostic illicit song.

Gnu dung. 

Go forever, O fog.

Hair - a pariah.

Hair, a plain arc - cranial pariah.  (a very bad hair day)

In words drown I.

In word-salad, alas, drown I.

Kind, under-referred - nudnik. (disparaging Yiddish term for an irritating person). 

Lame tale - dame made late, Mal.

Liar trail.

Live not on evil.

Llama - nix in a mall.

Lonely Tylenol.

May a moody baby doom a yam?

Model truth: turtledom.

Nab, rob or ban.

Named is nit inside Man.

Nap not on pan.

Natalie; veil a tan.

The ultimate Palin-drome
Ned rages, "Reverse Garden."

Neil, atone. Not a lien. 

Never odd or even.

Night nets tenth gin.

Nightlife? Filth, gin.

No brace-pins snipe. Carbon.

No brace. Not one carbon.

No dot, Sam - mastodon.

No drapery re 'pardon'.

"No!", e.g. dungeon.

No enema-name - neon.

No era far - eon.

No grade, Ed - argon

No grasp, Alf, on no flaps - argon. 

"No" in uneven union. 

No sin, unison.

No. I save on no evasion.

No. I told Ed, "Lotion"

'No' is sap. Passion!

No. It can assess an action.

No. It is open on one position.

No! It is opera reposition. 

No, it is opposition.

No, it never propagates if I set a gap on prevention.

No! It's a bare-era bastion.

No laser re salon.

No, lass. Tin is sin. It's 'salon'.

No lava! Not on Avalon! 

No lava! Not on Laval! Not on Avalon!

No left felon.

No lemons, no melon.

No levers revel on.

No medal; LA demon.

No 'melon' in 'O lemon'; etc.

No, Miss. It is Simon.

None X-mas, Sam - xenon.

No risks - iron.

No rod-lid dildo, Ron.

No romp, moron.

No. Sì. Operas are poison.

No, same mason.

No scut! Raw war, Tucson.

No sir, prefer prison.

No sir. Penal-lane. Prison.  

No sir, Panama's mood dooms a man - a prison.

No stetson. 

No trace. Not one carton.

No word, no bond, row on.

Not a banana baton.

Not so, Boston.

Not so bad, Ida - Boston.

Not so! Bees see Boston.

Not tube, button.

O! No!

Oozy rat in a sanitary zoo.


Parade: villained denial lived. A rap!

Plan no damn Madonna LP.

Poor Dara has Sahara droop.

Red dates? Apple? -Help, Pa! Set adder!

"Reno, sir. Plan a canal". Prisoner 

Rep uses reverse. Super!

Revelation? No, it a lever.

Revenge beg never.

Revenge? Slap pals, e.g.? Never!

Revocation? No, it a cover.

Rise. Divide, Sir.

Satire; veritas.

Senile felines.

Sis - emesis.

Stella won no wallets.

Step on no pets.

T. Eliot nixes sex in toilet.

Tennis tenet sin-net.

Tim made dire ride, dammit!

Timid? I'm it.

Tip-top pot-pit!

To Idiot:

Ton. Net. Forever. Often. Not.

Toronto got no rot.

Trap all afoot. I, too, fall apart.


Wales, oppose law.

Wets dab noses on bad stew.

Won't figs gift now. 

Wontons?  Not now.

Worse: lame females' row.

Yawn a more Roman way.

Yell! avoid area, Mae - Radio Valley.