Thursday 25 June 2020

Submitted Palindromes: Intro to presenters, #6 -- Terse Reverse


To help eager readers move back and forth, here are links to the profiles of each of our seven frequent (and usually dependable) contributors to our open request for submitted palindromes.
The editors feel that palindromes are inherently present in our language, so the presence of the less famous items is reported, discovered, or re-discovered by these writers, rather than being the "creation" of a particular word-artist. In other words you may have seen some of their offerings on other lists of palindromes, but that is no problem for us. 

(Terse Reverse)

Saturday 20 June 2020

JUN 20 (2020), The MEANINGFUL LIFE as Revealed in PALINDROMES

Philosophical Discussion with Examples
ORIGINAL DISCUSSION: These comments on life were modified from and re-organized in relation to a discussion thread on the parody-lyrics website 
EDITOR: Giorgio Coniglio, December, 2016. 


(all palindromes are italicized)



1. Live not on evil. 

2. Draw putrid dirt upward.

3. Don't nod.

4. Yawn a more Roman way. 

5. Step on no pets.

6. Rise. Revere, sir.

7. Name man's name, man.

8. Revenge: slap pals e.g.? Never!

9. Less evasion. 'No' is a vessel.

10. Draw no test. Set onward.

11. Re hypocrisy: as I say sir, copy her.

12. Nap not on pan.

13. "To last, I remedy my demerits a lot." (Stephen Wagner)


1. Sup not on pus.

2. No melon, no lemon.

3. Stir grits. 

4. Nip in if I nip in.

5. Ate plate: ewe et al. - PETA.

6. Desserts stressed.

7. Wontons? Not now.


1. Amen, icy cinema.

2. Amen: enamor a Roman enema.

3. Elope, else sleep. Olé !


1. Burrow or rub.

2. Puff up. 

3. Strap on no parts.

4. Doomed: un-nude mood.


1. Sex at noon taxes.

2. Cigar? Toss -- it is so tragic.

3. Sex at my gym taxes. 

4. God no! Pin taco-catnip on dog?

5. Pure, boss is. Sober up!

6. Pull up if I pull up.

7. Solo gigolos.


A) The Nature of the Universe

1. Do geese see God?

2. May a moody baby doom a yam?

3. Won't lovers revolt now?

4. P.m. or a.m.?  God's time emits dogma-romp.

5. Model truth? Turtledom.

5. Are we not drawn onward to new era? 

B) One's Personal Role

1. Roy, am I mayor?

2. I, man, am regal? Live villager-man am I. 

3. Madam, in Eden I'm Adam. 

4. Ev, love did evolve.

5. Bonsai-man, "Am I a snob?"

C) The Nature of Perception

1. Was it a car or a cat I saw?

2. Was it a bar or a bat I saw?

3. Was it Eliot's toilet I saw?

4. Was it a man on a mat I saw?

5. Warsaw was raw?

6. Poop: sides reversed is 'poop'. 

D) Good and Evil

1. Do Good's deeds -- do, O God.

2. No! Evil's deeds live on.

3. Do Good's deeds live on? No, Evil's deeds do. O, God!

4. Do gonads' deeds live on?  No, Evil's deeds, Dan. O, God!     

5a) No devil's god-dogs lived on. b) No! Evil's tenets live on.

6. Do go! Go to Togo. God! 

E) On Selflessness

1. Ma is as selfless as Dad. Dad's as selfless as I am. 

2. Leon's as selfless as Eva; Dave's as selfless as Noel. 

3. Pass as selfless as sap. 

F) Sin, Confession and Redemption

1. Dennis sinned.

2. Dennis and Edna sinned.

3. Dennis, Enid and Nadine sinned.   etc.

1. Dennis: "I sinned."

2. Dennis: "Nell, Edna, I and Ellen sinned."

3. Dennis: "Nell, Edna, Noel, I, Leon and Ellen sinned."

1. Dennis, Rod, Enid and Edna dined or sinned. 

2. Dennis never even sinned.

3. Sin, if ... ...  FINIS.

Monday 15 June 2020

Verses About DOCTORS and their PRACTICES, part #1


SATIRE COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, November 2018. The involved verses have also been web-published at, an online humour dictionary that has accumulated over 110,000 carefully edited limericks.

FOLLOW-UP: More such verses are being compiled, and will be shared on later blogposts.

Authors' Note:

prep: medical jargon for preparatory measures needed before surgery or complex testing

  The general public is aware of the importance of colonoscopy for screening in early colon cancer. Colonoscopy also plays an important role in the diagnosis, treatment and followup of symptomatic colonic problems, including isolated polyps, diffuse polyposis of several kinds, colitis and gastrointestinal bleeding. Your colonoscopist is likely to be a surgeon, less commonly an internist, trained in gastrointestinal diseases and in the technical aspects of flexible fiberoptic endoscopy.

Authors' Note: The new high-tech modality PET entails 'coincidence imaging' with positron emitters, such as fluorine-18, unusual drugs that give off two gamma-rays simultaneously in exactly opposite direction with each radiodecay event. In contrast, older technology with standard radiolabels, often designated by the initialism 'SPECT' (single-photon emission computed tomography) was used by imaging  specialists such as our protagonist 'Dr. Specter'. 

Authors' Note:  

PSA: prostate specific antigen, a widely used blood test to screen for prostate cancer and to monitor the result of treatment  
 Considerably more complex than blood tests, a biopsy obtains samples of the relevant tissue, and is used by the pathologist to make a specific determination as to the presence, type, and severity of disease.

Authors' NoteDermatology is reputed to be a rather routine and phlegmatic area of medical practice. That view may not be entirely irrational; however, you may be glad that you and your family doctor can consult with these specialists should you be faced with a life- or lifestyle-threatening disorder such as pemphigusmycosis fungoidespsoriatic arthropathy or melanoma.

Requests from many health professionals and layfolks as well have come to fruition; there is now a followup post continuing this theme that you can easily access by clicking HERE

Here's a LIST OF LINKS to 20+ collections of informative  poems (over 160 of these!) on medical/dental topics that were extracted from various far-flung posts, and now can be easily viewed. 

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Wednesday 10 June 2020


This collection of verses have also been web-published at OEDILF.coman online humor dictionary that has accumulated 120,000 carefully edited limericks. 
As limerick-writers are often tempted to dive into the baser spheres of human life, the dictionary has a "curtained room", accessible only to online members, presumably flagging that the designated verses may not be suitable for children. On his own recognizance, Giorgio has selected the following verses from OEDILF's Curtained Room, based on their  requiring only "light curtaining", and taken the risk of offending some readers by publishing them on this otherwise sedate, and arguably family-oriented blog.

WARNING: The following verses may not be suitable for all ages. Those under 12 or over 82 are advised to read the following content only with the permission and supervision of an adult family member.  

Business Agenda
Buoy and Gull
The Clench
Come and Go
Florid (STD)
with more to come on a followup posting; see below.


Authors' Note: 

oy gevalt (oy-guh-VULT): phrase borrowed from Yiddish; an exclamation expressing shock, surprise or disapproval

schadenfreude (SHA-den-froi-duh, or as here, sha-den-FROI-duh): loanword from German; taking delight in others' misfortune

Authors' Note: The authors hope and trust that Fran did actually check the age of her agents.

Authors' Note:  In the above verse, italics and blue font are used to indicate idioms that fall under the grammatical label of "binomial expressions". Read more verses explaining and exemplifying musical clichés of this type HERE.  

Authors' Note: 

STD: initialism for 'sexually transmitted disease', a problem for which one might consult an STD-clinic or an STD-doc

Although it's principal meanings revolve around the Latin term for flowery or flourishingflorid has come to imply, in the medical context, "referring todisease or to a symptom in its fully developed form", or perhaps "fragrantly, flagrantly florid".

FOLLOW-UP INFO:  Lots of ordinary folks (not just prurient porn-buffs) have united in their demand for more verses on related topics, even if they require lightweight "curtaining" !
So, please follow this linkfor 'curtained verse, part#2' 

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Friday 5 June 2020

Inner Enlightenment: The SCOPES of MODERN MEDICINE

Endoscopic procedures
Esophago-gastro-duodenoscopy (EGD)
Fiberoptic laryngoscopy
Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
Veterinary bronchoscopy
More to follow

Authors' Note

Uro: medical jargon for 'urologist'

scope: (jargon, as here) in modern usage, a camera with flexible fiberoptic cable to visualize internal viscera; abbreviated from endoscope

   This verse deals with endoscopic procedures that use flexible fiberoptic devices to inspect and sometimes to biopsy or to treat the lining of various hollow body organs (viscera). Recently, as  such instruments have become more technically sophisticated and widely used, these procedures have expanded their role and their accuracy in specialty medical practice. Advanced training is required for practitioners to acquire expertise. In addition to the procedures mentioned in this collection of verses, similar considerations underlie operative laparoscopy, culdoscopy, etc. 

Authors' Note 

Central Booking: a hospital department that schedules equipment and personnel for time-dependent procedures

scope: short form for endoscopy, a procedure in which a tube containing a camera system is introduced for visualization of a body cavity via a natural body opening, or via a small incision

Disorders of the upper gastrointestinal tract (especially lower esophagus, stomach, and uppermost bit of small bowel - duodenum) are common and usually symptomatic. EGD, allows visualization of the tract's inner lining or mucosa, and biopsy of suspicious areas. Similar instrumentation is used in a spectrum of medical situations. Various specialties may employ the term ‘endoscopy’ or ‘scope’ to indicate their favorite procedure.  

Authors' Note:
ENTmedical specialty involving health and disorders of the ear, nose and throat; also referred to as otolaryngology

Failure of the body's GE junction can sometimes result in symptoms of inflammation in the throat (hoarseness, cough), rather than the more typical symptom of heartburn related to the esophagus.

Diagnosis is simple in modern times, as most specialists can perform flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy as part of the outpatient examination. In more obvious cases, 'free' (unprovoked) reflux of stomach contents can actually be viewed during the examination.

Authors' Note: Prior to the surgical treatment of bronchogenic lung cancer, your doctor will check for possible asymptomatic spread of disease with mediastinoscopy,  including biopsy of lymphatic tissue adjacent to the lungs

Authors' NoteCholangiopancreatography  is a technique for evaluation of the biliary and pancreatic systems of ducts by a skilled endoscopic operator, who advances the instrument, where possible through the intestine's duodenum into the common bile duct. in some cases treatment, e.g. extraction of gallstones, may also be performed with the diagnostic device. The technique is of particular value when radiographic imaging (e.g. CT scanning), is unable to distinguish between inflammation (often due to impacted gallstones) and neoplasia (cancer).  

Authors' Note: SheilaB, a physician and prodigious creator of limericks at the OEDILF web-site, defined the bronco ("unbroken horse"), and would have been perplexed by my confusion with the homonomous Greek root broncho- ("windpipe"). Certainly, we would all need to call on our veterinarian colleagues to learn more about the investigation of respiratory maladies in horses. Bronchoscopy is a fairly commonly performed procedure in diagnosis of human lung disorders.

The unrelated term honcho ("group leader", or "boss") is of Japanese derivation.

Editors' note:  cystoscope is a type of endoscope that is inserted into the urethra for the purpose of examining it and the bladder. it is also used for obtaining tissue samples for biopsies; in some highly specialized circumstances, it is also used for treatment.

Here's a LIST OF LINKS to collections of intriguing poems (over 160 of these!) on medical/dental topics that can now be found on various posts. 

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