Wednesday 12 April 2017

Using PALINDROMES as a SPELLING-AID: True, False and Uncertain

WORDPLAY post #42
ASSESSMENT OF PALINDROMES, specifically those seeming to relate to spelling. Based on the classic palindrome, "No X in Nixon.", such reversible adages seemed worthy of review as to their veracity. 
AUTHOR:  Giorgio Coniglio, March 2017. 

Palindromic phrases and sentences are distinguished by green font.


No 'D'; no 'L' - Boston; not (sob!) London. 

An 'A', 'B', a 'C', 'A' - cabana.

No 'L' lags - gallon. 

'X 'n 'Y', Lara - lynx

No 'K' in Nixon; No 'X' in Nikon

'X'; 'Y'; no 'Z' - onyx. 

A dog, a person: no 'S' re pagoda

A man, a person: no 'S' re Panama

No 'L' -  a Saxon;  no 'X' - a salon


No 'ROBE' - boron

No 'XI' - Dixon. 

No 'DARN' in radon. 

No 'YARN' in rayon

No 'LEMN' in melon. 

No 'MELN' in lemon. 

No 'LEMON' in "O, melon". 

Not a 'GEM'- megaton. 


No 'X': - an axon.

No 'E' - eon

No 'XX' - Exxon

No 'X', Al - klaxon. 

No 'D'; no 'L' - London

"No 'I', told Ed - "Lotion.

Not 'L' - I'm Milton

No 'E' - neon

No 'K' in Nikon.  

No 'X' in Nixon

No 'S': rapt parson

No 'S' re person

No 'L' - a salon. 

No 'M', lass. Tin is sin. It's salmon

No 'X' - a Saxon

No 'T'; no 'W' - wonton

No 'T'. Naw! - wanton


An 'A', 'n' 'A', 'B' - banana

'B'; mock 'K' - comb

'B'; 'M' along - no lamb

A 'C', a 'R', am I  maraca?  

A man, appetite 'P' - Panama. 

No 'E' - Exxon; no 'XXE' - eon. 

No 'H'-typo - python.  

No 'M' lasts. Old lost salmon

Not 'UF' - not on futon


Based on the above analysis, palindromes appear to be an inappropriate linguistic mode for confirmation of orthographic truth. In fact, palindromes seem surprisingly misleading in this regard. 

Do you, readers, agree? 

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