Monday 20 November 2017

Wonderful Weekly WORDPLAY Nov 20, '17

WORDPLAY post #91
Periodic postings of palindromes, Scramble-Town Maps (creative cartography), binomial phrases, occasional verse, etc. 

SONGLINK: For those readers who like poetry set to music: You can find lots of singable limerick-medleys and other spoofs on our sister blog "SILLY SONGS and SATIRE", such as this recent post

CLASSIC: Sex of foxes.  GOOFY: 1) Sex of boxes. 2) Sex: obese boxes.

HOT LINKS to collections of Classic/Goofy Palindromes #1,#2,#3

HOT LINK: See the entire collection of Magical Palindromes


HOT LINKS: Review the entire collection of IMAGINARY NAMES for 

#1a. No ‘k’ in Nikon.
     b. No ‘yarn’ in rayon.
     c. No ‘lem’n’ in melon.
     d. No ‘mel’n’ in lemon.               Melonia
#2a. Race fast, safe car.
     b. Nigel and Edna; leg in!
     c. Retract; race fast safe cart, Carter. Sarah Palindrome                  #3. Gnostic illicit song.          Sarah Palindrome
#4. A car, a map, a maraca.    Sarah Palindrome
#5. One man, a polo-gigolo - panameňo. Pedro, the  Goofy ‘Dromer    #6. Amen; a pinot, nom de ‘Edmonton’ (Ipanema)   Pedro
#7. Doomed: un-nude mood.    Don’s Ho    

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