Saturday 15 August 2020

BUZZWORDS: 5-or 6-legged verses about INSECTS

WORDPLAY post with Illustrated Verses

SATIRE COMPOSED: Dr.G.H. and Giorgio Coniglio (registered pseudonym), July 2019, updated April 2023. Most of the verses presented here have been published  at, an online humor dictionary that has accumulated over 120,000 carefully edited limericks. Giorgio can currently point to 600 of his submissions accepted for publication (many of them have been reproduced on this blog for your enjoyment). 

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Authors' Note: The isabella tiger moth, Pyrrharctia isabella enters the cold season in wintry parts of North America in the form of a banded woolly bear caterpillar. Traditionally, her peer-group would attempt to get through the winter by altering their metabolism to manufacture compounds known as cryoprotectives, allowing them to recover from freezing. Our protagonist seems to have discovered another way around this challenge.

Authors' Note: Fact-sheets dealing with related key information have been posted here by etymologists. These include short poems pertaining to insects that eat woollens, scavenge for food, destroy wood structures, prey on human blood and torment domestic pets.

Readers are advised to exercise care in distinguishing entomologists from etymologists.

Authors' Note: The authors note, with regret, and with continuing scratching of their inflamed ankles, the opening of the 'fire ant season'.      

Even in the winter, they can be activated.
Watch out!

Learn more about the red imported fire ant (RIFA) at Wikipedia.

Authors' Note  The term 'gnat' can be used to described a variety of small, swarming flies. Owing to their small size, the sort that bite are often known as 'no see 'ums'. There is a companion piece to this verse 'gnat repellent' that extends the details of this topic.    

Authors' Note:  For several decades, there has been a prevalent belief that a particular bath oil product had the ancillary property of repelling attacks by swarms of gnats. However, objective testing by the American organization Consumers Union has debunked a special role for this product. 

Learn more about gnat repellents at Consumers Union's website.

Requests from many entomologists, armchair nature enthusiasts, pest control professionals, buggers, and just ordinary folks have come to fruition; there is now a pair of follow-up post continuing this theme (BUGS!), that you can easily access by clicking HERE

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