Monday 20 January 2020

JAN 20 (2020), monthly wordplay: political palindromes, A - D

political palindromes, A - D

 These palindromes were selected to display the simplest type of palindrome construction. A word such as 'debut', that creates an alternate English word when the letters are read in reverse order, is sometimes waggishly referred to as a 'SEMORDNILAP'. In any case, full speed ahead (ignore the punctuation)!

These palindromic phrases have a hinge-point unpaired letter in the very middle, e.g. the "T in 'TRAIL' in the first example. The hingepoint is the only letter that is not reflected by its mate in the opposite wing of the structure; and the total number of letters in such examples is always odd (e.g. 9 letters for 'liar trail'). Again, the punctuation is to be downplayed.  

From this point, you can proceed either forwards or backwards.

In a third format for palindromic phrases, the dividing point between the two symmetric wings is a space between repeated letters in the middle of a word. This format is shown above with a vertical line for obses|ses and op|position; as with the hingepoint single letter in the middle of a word (like the 'v' in uneven), there is considerable puzzlement in understanding how these phrases can be constructed. Remember, that in any case, you will do best to ignore any punctuation.

Authors' NoteAny collection of palindromes, such as the above assemblage, is likely to present a mix of the various architectural formats discussed so far. 

From this point, you can proceed either forwards or backwards.
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Author's Note: The palindromes in this series have mostly been concocted recently. Some of them had first been displayed in one of our blogposts in 2017. Note that the author believes that wordplay derivations such as palindromes and anagrams are not 'invented', but merely 'reported' by canny observers, and some of today's offerings have been copied from others' reports as well as from the blog-author's earlier work. 

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