Wednesday 20 October 2021

OCT 20 (2021), BEYOND CANALS: More Magical Palindromes

With all this mental energy focusing backwards and forwards on palindromes, it has been hard to avoid the subject of canals. A project close to our hearts was to take the standard palindromes about canals, (e.g. the well-known, A man a plan, a canal, Panama), and extend the adulation to a series of other canal sites. 
 - MAGICAL CANAL VERSES and PALINDROMES: the application of the magical palindrome construct to wordplay of geographic interest, specifically dealing with artificial waterways. Paris, Riga and Toronto (a surrogate for the Trent-Severn waterway) are honored here in both verse and wordplay.
 - UNPLANNED CANALS (More Magical Palindromes): This followup post expanded the involvement to 8 other world sites. For a few of these cities, e.g. Reno (Nevada), the existence of canals is apocryphal, but the relevant municipal administrations were co-opted as partners in the interest of wordplay. 
  The aim of the current blogpost is to extend these concepts beyond the constraint imposed by canal themes to more general world destinations; however the meticulous reader might notice the persistence of some elements of our canal hangup. And if you need help with the concept of magical palindromes, see the slide at the bottom of the post; it shows simple examples of magical palindromes which are unrelated to the geographical theme.

A man, a potato - Paris. Sir, a potato - Panama.

A cakery - Napa. A pan - Yreka CA.
18th century; garden folly; Eurocentric; Paris
A 'garden folly' at
Chateau de Bagatelle,
Paris, France

A man, a plan, if final - pagoda. A dog, a plan, if final - Panama.

Dr. of tarts - Oxford. Dr. of 'X' - O, Stratford!

A man, a plan, if final, Pat - Paros. So rapt a plan, if final - Panama.

No 'D'; no 'L' - Boston. Not (sob!) - London.

A man, a plan, if final, Pa - Lagos. So, gal! A plan, if final - Panama.

A rep. of Omaha. A ham of opera.

A man, a plan, if final, Pa - Niagara F. Far again, a plan, if final - Panama.

A girl, a panama. A man, a pal - Riga.

Wonders in Italy - Latin is asset. Tessa's in Italy - Latin is red now.

 A pan, a dog, a pal - LA. Pagoda - Napa.

A man, a pâté , feta, Parma ham. Rap! Ate feta - Panama.

 Zeus pees on a Toyota. A Toyota? No seep - Suez.

 A dog, a paw, a pan, a panama. A man, a pan, a paw, a pagoda.

A man, a plan, if final - Pristina. A nit, sir; plan if final - Panama.

 If I mouse - Canada CA. A cad, an ace - Suomi FI.

A girl, a Pa - Mar-a-lago. O gal, a ram, a pal - Riga. 

No 'D'; no 'L' - onion. No 'I'? - No London.

palindromes; novelty; canals; Paris; Panama

wordplay; palindrome; 'magical palindrome'; novelty

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If you still need a fix of more palindromic fun, go to "Gratingly American: THIRTY-ODD POLITICALLY-TAINTED PALINDROMES". 


SONGLINK: "A man, a plan, a canal - Panama"
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