Monday 5 April 2021

American Satire: A TERM of ENDIREMENT #1

This blogpost is the first in a series ...

Author's Note: In the political swirl leading up to the US presidential election, a national convention is a meeting of party delegates to nominate candidates for office and to adopt party rules and platforms. In 2016, these gatherings proceeded in their conventional format, Note that in 2020, with restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, national conventions were held primarily as on-line events.

Author's Note: 

IOC: International Olympic Committee
  The fanciful concept of medals being awarded to a 'hacking team' grew out of the conjunction of developments in 2017 and 2018, notably (i) censure of Russian athletic organizations, including subsequent retraction of Olympic medals, and (ii) investigations into Russian efforts to sway the results of past and upcoming American presidential elections. 

Author's Note: Generally, anagrams give results which are bizarre, unexpected and somewhat random, like "fake news". At least to his current detractors, there may appear to be a compelling stories hidden in these anagrams (italicized) of the name of the 45th U.S. President, but in fact the possible links are coincidental.  It should be remembered that composers of wordplay, such as anagrams and palindromes, do not 'invent' the material, but only report it.

Author's Note  The results of the acrimonious U.S. presidential election in November 2016 caused despondency and resentment in some segments of the population. Donald J. Trump ran a successful campaign under the slogan "Make America Great Again", and won the electoral college majority. After the election, there was considerable distraction by unproductive disputes over the popular vote, possible voter fraud, and the size of crowds at inaugurations.


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If you have an undeniable urge to sing these lyrics, we have the tools to help. Grab your guitar or ukulele, remember the tune used for the verse of "Home on the Range"as sung by Gene Autry on YouTube HERE, and then follow the bouncing ball! (These are just suggestions; any of the poetic stanzas can be modified slightly to work as either a verse or chorus for the song) 

The Re[D]publicans [D7]gathered in [G]Cleaveland [Gm]

Bleat the [D]mantras of [E9]Trump's make-be[A7]lieve land:

They crave [D]more law-and-[D7]order 

(Wall out [G]wolves at the [Gm]border!)

For their [D]nominee's [A9]heart-on-your[D]-sleeve land.

Bless the [D]Home-of the-[A7]Brave-and the-[D]Free land.

Now that [D]Hillary's [G]pilloried, [D]Trump

Is our 
[E9]Prez-elect like it or [A7]lump

It. Some [D]folks vote for [D7]jerks,

Thus de[G]mocracy [Gm]works --

Seems A[D]merica's [A7]slated to [D]slump.

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