Sunday 5 June 2022

Reversing Verse: PANAMA PALINDROME PARODIES (classic and novel)

   This post provides a continuation of five wordplay collections displayed on December 5, 2020, through December 15, 2021. In these, classic palindromes (phrases and sentences whose letters are ordered identically when they are read either forwards or backwards) were described and extolled in verse by the team of Dr. G.H. and Giorgio Coniglio. The contents of the most recent post (August 2021) included these illustrated verses: 

33. Racecar
34. No left felon 
35. A man, a plan, a canal -- Panama
36. The Dacha: palindrome-enhanced American satire, a brief saga
37. Leigh Mercer's Palindrome Workshop, a brief saga


For your review, here's Giorgio's verse about 'the IPP' (designated above as #35):


Please note that, continuing the convention adopted in the previous posts, there will be an exclusive correlation between green italicized font and palindromes. Not all of the palindromes displayed within the verses' lines are in the 'classic repertoire'; some are recent concoctions by the authors. But of course, all the poems highlighting the wordplay  are verses written jointly by Dr. G.H. and Giorgio Coniglio (registered pseudonym).

1. Classic spoof on the IPP: A man, a potato -- Panama.
2. Classic spoof on the IPP: A man, a plan, a cat, a hat, a canal -- Panama.
3. Classic spoof on the IPP: Sir, a plan, a canal -- Paris
4. Classic spoof on the IPP: A dog, a plan, a canal -- pagoda
5. Classic spoof on the IPP: Amen, a pit -- Ipanema.
6. Novel concoction: One man, a plan, a canal -- panameño
7. Novel concoctionA girl, a plan, a canal, pal -- Riga.
8. Novel concoction: A man, a Pan -- a panama. (hats)
9. Novel concoction: A man, a plan, if final -- Panama.

Authors' Note: 

pizzazz: an American neologism, first used in the 1930s, for vitality, sparkle or flashiness

 is a long-established nickname for the city and the residents of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Ipanema is a section of that city, known for it's bossa nova music, and for its iconic beach.

As explained in the verse, we have the classic palindrome (reminiscent of the Panama concoction):
Amen, a pit — Ipanema, and its many variants.

Newer variants include: Amen, a pizza, jazz — Ipanema, and
Amen, a piece — Ipanema.

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