Tuesday 20 July 2021

JUL 20 (2021), MAGICAL PALINDROMES: a compendium


The magical palindrome, an astounding entity developed from palindromic wordplay, was described earlier in a post HERE.

Giorgio's List: Magical Palindromes

#31. Spit tops if I slop pals; slap pols if I spot tips.

#32. No left lemon; no-melt felon.

#33Six at my gym taxes; sex at my gym? Taxis!

#34No lemon in 'O, lemon'; no melon in 'O, melon'.

#35. Do nine men interpret nine memos? "Some men interpret." Nine
              men, I nod.

#36. No trace - not one carbon. No brace - not one carton.

#37. Oh! Pa's a Sam. Ma's a sapho.

#38Won't raft-lovers revolt? Act now! Won't cat-lovers revolt? Fart

#39. No drape re 'boron'. No robe re 'pardon'.

#40. Flex-aware era waxes. Sex-aware era - wax elf!

#41. Megaton - Ottawa gem. Megawatt - O, not a gem.

#42. Girth trim. Mirth - trig.

#43. Senile fume. Emu, felines.

#44. Part bard. Drab trap.

#45. Cain, a motor erotomanioc. Coin a motor erotomaniac.

#46. Set agenda - red negates. Set a gender - ad negates.

#47. Ms: I pair prefer - satire vs. sarcasm; Ms: a crass veritas -refer
          'priapism'. [veritas L. = truth]

#48. Selim, in Eden I'm Ada; Adam, in Eden I'm Iles.

#49. Spoof rut; turf - oops.

#50Dog doo; good God!

#51. Elope tale. Elate-pole.

#52. E-file taxes. Sex ate life.

#53Smug guns. Snug gums.

#54. God sees OprahHarpo sees dog.

#55AL legal fees: see 'flagellate' et al. Legal fees: see 'flagella'. [AL = abbreviation for state of Alabama]

#56. No melon, Mahon. No ham, no lemon.

#57No-melt fig. Gift lemon.

#58Net foe. Grab barge often.

#57A dog, a pal, a panama. A man, a pal, a pagoda.

#58Erupting, I sign it, "Carter". Retracting, I sign it, "Pure". 

#59 No sin-union. "No", in unison.

#60No sin - U. London. No 'D'; No 'L' - unison. 

#61Won't lovers re-tilt now? Won't liters revolt now? 

#62No sin, even if 'No' in unison. No sin union - fine venison.

#63. Sir, a plan, if final -- Panama. A man, a plan, if final -- Paris.

#64. Trace farts. Strafe cart.

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