Thursday 15 July 2021

POETS' CORNER, part #1

Addiction to limerick writing 
Authorly skill
Bold-faced / bald-faced
Cans and Can'ts (argumentively)
Creative writing (decompose)
Depressed limericist
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Authors' Note: The mental disorder in which sufferers (including the author) feel endlessly compelled to write limericks might be dubbed limerrhea, hyperlimerosis, or more simply, limerick addiction
    Volunteer writers and editors toil away for OEDILF, the online humour dictionary, but the project is not likely to be finished until 2070. 

Authors' Note:    Our blog, 'Edifying Nonsense', promotes several forms of creative nonsense, including collections of humorous and definitional poems overlapping with those submitted to OEDILF, an online collaborative writing-site. (parenthetically, accepted OEDILFian verses boldface the attributed key word that is ‘defined’ in the poem. On occasion, the partly completed collections are offered to OEDILFian editor-colleagues as a 'temporary Author's Note', to provide context for the cooperative editing task of rehashing a verse that is still in tentative status.


Authors' Note: 'Creative writing' is a term that has been applied to fiction in prose, but seems to have omitted from its purview fictional poetry accounts, such as those honored on this blog.  

Authors' NoteIn the above limerick verse, neologisms include:
dehiscitude (reminiscent of 'dehiscence') 
remissitude (reminiscent of being 'remiss' in the sense of 'culpable') 
wound dehiscence, or 'failure of primary (wound) closure', is a feared surgical complication, found mostly in the province of abdominal surgeons and trauma surgeons; it seldom affects the professional practice of psychiatrists or limericists.

Authors' Note: This verse bypasses the requirement at OEDILF for 'definition', in favor of the more reasonable targets of 'exemplification' and 'entertainment'. The author points out hesitatingly that 17 prior 'balk-verses' in OEDILF's data-base (as of 2022) altogether provide minimal definition of the many meanings of this puzzling word.


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