Saturday, 15 January 2022

PALINKUs (poetic novelty): the fourth set -- even more!

A continuation, proudly displaying 10 more of our introductory group of poems .... 

 Go back to review the first ten poems by clicking HERE, the second set by clicking HERE, and the third set HERE

The continually widening circle of Dennis's sins is indicated by the following recently discovered palindromes ...

Dennis and Ed, Nadine, Enid and Edna sinned. 
Dennis and Ed, Nadine, Eve, Enid and Edna sinned.
Dennis and Ed, Nadine, Eva, Dave, Enid and Edna sinned.
Dennis and Ed, Nadine, Eva, Dana, Ana, Dave, Enid and Edna sinned.

You can continue this incredible exploration of our new poetic form. Click HERE for more palinkus.

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