Thursday 15 February 2024

Progress in Poetry: HOMOPHONOUS REVELRIES (Timelessly Rhymeless)

This blogpost will give you more understanding and helpful examples related to a type of creative limerick variation indulged in by the authors. To see the whole spectrum of our efforts, you might want to take the time to review "A Corner of the Poet's World: LIMERICK VARIATIONS".

In some circumstances, identity rhymes, e.g. perverse / reverse, are regarded by critics as "not even rhymes". Our opinion differs. 

Bypassed "glitches"
Hippo's hip replacement
Identity rhymes
Toast to French homophones

Authors' Note: Of course, the concept that bribes would be of benefit to authors submitting to the collaborative website OEDILF (Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Format)is patently nonsensical. There are a certain number of identity rhymes that appear in the database of edited verses there. The prosaic explanation, however, is that these bypassed initial "glitches", being rather subtle in comparison with other flaws, are often under-observed and overlooked. You might join us in finding that, in a few circumstances, such glitches add to the charm of the verses!  

Authors' Note: 

syl: jargon used in the doggerel trade; a short form of syllable

Although the adjective deserving has come euphemistically to be applied to the needy, it classically was applied to people or things that were commendable or admirable

Author's Note: Hip replacement has become a surgical procedure that is frequently performed in humans, and is making inroads into veterinary practice in dogs and cats. Its role in jungle creatures and zoo inhabitants remains to be developed, parenthetically.

Authors' Note: Instead of the usual A1,A2,B1,B2,A3 pattern. the above verse has lines ending in identity rhymesA1,A1,B1,B1,A1. Some critics would say that such end-of-line parallel words, e.g. perVERSEely conVERSEly are not rhymes at all. But when bunched up they have a definite musicality, and can be entertainingly sung at open-mike at a bar. 

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