Saturday 5 November 2016


WORDPLAY post #11

PALINDROMES: new and previously published

GUEST EDITOR: Ed, the Derailed Liar, December, 2016. (In an earlier form, this collection had been posted in a blogpost on "Giorgio's Ukable Parodies")

Acrobats stab orca.

a. Adam, in Eden, I’m Ada.
b. Selim, in Eden I’m Iles. 
c. Red now, Obama. In Eden I am a bo’ wonder. 

Ail, Amos. Raft; is it far? - Somalia.

AL legal fees - see flagella.

Alimony? No, Mila.

Amen! A pistol, lots – Ipanema             

An ad: “Yreka Fakery. Dana”. 

a. Anne, I stay a day at Sienna. 
b. Anne, vary: - Ravenna.

a. Arisen, I left felines, Ira.
b. Arisen, I ram busy submarines, Ira.

Art, name no tub-time. Emit but one mantra. 

Ate plate, elk-cub, buckle et al – PETA.

Ate plate - ewe et al. - PETA. 

Bombard a drab mob. 

a. Border? I’m mired, Rob. 
b. Border, if fired, Rob.       

a. Borrow or rob.   
b. Don said, “A Nadia’s nod …” 

Call, Ida – Cadillac.            

Cigar - toss it in a can. It is so tragic.

a. Debut tubed.
b. Sad nut, or lot I pace - Capitol rotundas. 

Deep state: ├ętat speed. [Fr. = state]

Don won’t bed debt. Now nod!

Don't revert. Nod! 

Egad! Nab bandage. 

E-guy - yuge. 

Elsie; no tax at one isle. 

Embargos so grab me.

Ev, losers resolve.      

Evita, Gen.? Negative.

Feeble? Very. Revel? Beef.

Flee radon, no-dare elf.

a. Gateman sees nametag.
b. Gateman sees name. Garage man sees nametag.

a. Harass selfless Sarah.         
b. Harass Sens’ selflessness, Sarah. 
c.  Harass exes, Sarah.
d. Harass madams, Sarah.

I desire not one rise, Edi.  

I man, am regal – a lager-man am I.
I mate-grate. Target am I.

a. Iran, Ari.
b. No evil Shahs live on.
c. No ‘XX’ – Exxon.  
Less evasion; evade Dave. “No” is a vessel.     

Maps, DNA and spam.

a. Megaton - not a gem.
b. Megawatt - Ottawa gem. 

Mother Eve's noose we soon sever, eh, Tom?  

Ms: a crass veritas - Satire vs. Sarcasm. 

Must sell at tallest sum.  

Nemo, we revere women.

a.  News – S., W., E., N. ??? 
b.  S, W, E, N, (x?) of Fox News.              

a. No drapery re 'pardon'. 
b. No robe re 'boron'. 
c. No rod-lid dildo, Ron. 
d. No 'Darn!' in radon. 

No ‘h’-typo – python. 

No ill. I'm a million.

No, in uneven union.

‘No’ is iced decision.

‘No’. It is opposition.

No medal, L.A. demon. 

No romp. Race carp, moron.

a. No word, no bond, row on.
b. No ward, Bannon nab, draw on. 

No, worse. Panders to idiots, rednapes. Row on.

Not New York, Roy went on.      

O, gal! A rampant nap – Mar-a-Lago.         

Odd Edna, medieval slave, I demanded, "Do."

a. Oh! Cameras are macho.
b. Idyll - a tally, Di.
c. Id idyll - a tally, Didi. 

One racist nips pints. I care? No. 

Pol Pot - top lop. 

Pure, boss is - Sober up!

a. Pure talk. A yak later up.           
b. Pure talk. KKK later up. 

Putin, “Denim at a disco. Docs I data-mined. Nit up.”                                                       
Rail delivers reviled liar.

Re ‘flip’ – pilfer.  

Re hypocrisy: as I say, sir, copy her.     

Re: "We freer" - fewer. 

a. Retracting, I sign it ‘Carter’
b. Dubya won? No way, bud.
c. No demerits tire me, Don. 

Revelatory rot - a lever.

Revenge? Stack cats, e.g.? Never.
a. Sad: “No Hondas.” 
b. O, guy! A Yugo?     

Sad nut or red nut under rotundas.

See few owe fees. 

See ‘flagellate’ et al.: Legal fees.   

a. Semite Times.
b. Bar an Arab.                  

a. Set agenda. Ad negates.
b. Set a gender. Red negates. 

Set I many dynamites. 

Snug guns if I snug guns

“So Sad”, ibid. A SOS.

a. Spin: T. rex exert nips. 
b. Name of a T., Rex - exert a foeman. 

Splat! Icily licit Alps. 

Star? Come, Don. No Democrats.

Top foliated detail of pot.

Trap all afoot. I, too fall apart.

a. Won’t lovers revolt now? 
b. Won’t filers relift now?
c. Won’t reverses revert now?
d. Wontons? Not now.

a. Word row. ['row' as in 'dispute]
b. In words drown I.
c. In words, alas, drown I.
d. In word-salad, alas, drown I.
e. Burden – word salami, I’m alas, drowned. Rub! 

Ya! Deride to vote! Dire day.

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