Monday 25 September 2017

Giorgio's Weekly WORDPLAY Sep 25 '17

WORDPLAY post #??
Weekly postings of palindromes, Scrambletown Maps (creative cartography), binomial phrases, limericks, etc.
AUTHOR/EDITOR: Giorgio Coniglio, 2017.

HOT LINKS to collections of Classic/Goofy Palindromes #1,#2,#3

HOT LINK: See the entire collection of Magical Palindromes

HOT LINK to the Anagram Sister Cities Initiative - complete collection

#1. Amoral aroma.           Hal Lelujah
#2. Live, Oman! At naught th’ Guantanamo evil.  Hal Lelujah
#3a. Borrow or rob. 
     b. Don said, “A Nadia’s nod …”     Ed, the Derailed Liar
#4a. Dennis, Enid and Nadine sinned. 
     b. Dennis, Nell, Edna and Ellen sinned.
     c. Dennis, Nell, Edna, I and Ellen sinned.   Hal Lelujah
#5. Amen: a Piety-Lyte®  – Ipanema.           Hal Lelujah     
#6. Denise sined.                Auld Lang, the Trigonometer
#7. Burrow or rub.                                Don’s Ho

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