Friday, 5 July 2019

More Immersible Bird-Verse: WATERFOWL #2


PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio (registered pseudonym) and Dr. GH, June 2019, a continuation of a recent post on the same topic. 

  (above): A reflection on wading birds...

 The Omnificent English Dictionary ILimerick Form is an online humor dictionary that has accumulated over 100,000 carefully edited poems, including two hundred or so by Giorgio. The present collection of verses, recently submitted to OEDILF and still under review, represents a bird-brained continuation of earlier work on the same subject. 

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PHOTOS: Unless otherwise noted (by pale blue acknowledgment plaques), embedded photographs were taken with and transferred from Giorgio's cellphone. Following submission of the poems to OEDILF, the slides collages we present here were formatted using Powerpoint software on a vintage 2000-era PC computer. No photographic subjects were reimbursed for participating in this undertaking, and OEDILF has no involvement in the pictorial portion of this presentation. 

Author's Note: The charms of duckweed have been extolled at the OEDILF site by author Atticus Vere. On the other hand, the author has observed exuberant springtime spread of this aqueous plant that superficially resembles an algal bloom, but is in fact beneficial in controlling pollutants. The resultant marked increase in opacity of the pondwater's surface doesn't seem to bother dabbling fowl like ducks, but must, in the author's view, put off diving predatory birds.

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