Monday, 10 August 2020

Sentimental Verse: DENTAL FEELINGS

Authors' Note: 

glossary: a lexicon of the foreign-derived, technical or obscure words of a field of work 

Authors' Note: 

gnathic: referring to the jaw or to the mandibular bone
idiopathic: of unknown cause

Authors' Note: 

local: jargon for injectable local an(a)esthetic

Authors' Note: 

to get one's just deserts: idiom, for getting what one deserves (surprisingly, this expression is unrelated to the ingestion of sugary treats).

The chief reason for needing tooth replacement in late adulthood is dental caries and its consequences. 

Authors' Note:  The use of amalgam as the basis of dental fillings is reviewed here. Although standard dental amalgam is an alloy of mercury and silver, routine removal of these fillings is not routinely recommended. Ask your dentist.

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