Wednesday 20 May 2020

MAY 20 (2020), political palindromes, N- P


Glitch Notice: The first palindrome should read: Biden One dib. 

Oddly, you have reached a set of palindromes designated by the letter 'P', (left lower corner), and you can't go forwards, i.e. there are no more.

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A few further examples, unused in the panels displayed so far ...

No, worse! Panders to idiots, rednapes. Row on!  

'Nit up' -- sides reversed is -- 'Putin'. 

Nip in if I pull up. Pull up if I nip in.

Golf, par, sin-net, pant. Nap, tennis, rap, flog.

"I" on a rap - paranoia.

S,W,E,N (x?) of Fox News.

Star? Come Don. No Democrats.

Elba? Rudy, "Baby, durable!"

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