Sunday 10 January 2021

Reversing Verse: Limericks About CLASSIC PALINDROMES, part #2

This post provides a continuation of the wordplay display started in December 5, 2020. In that initial post, the following classic palindromes (phrases or sentences whose letters are ordered identically when they are read backwards as well as forwards) were described and extolled in verse; contents were as follows: 

1. Dennis sinned
2. Drawn onward
3Gnu dung
4. Yreka bakery
5. Lonely Tylenol
6. UFO tofu
7. Too hot to hoot
8. Never odd or even 

Please note that, continuing the convention adopted in the previous post , there will be an exclusive correlation between green italicized font and palindromes. But not all of the palindromes displayed within the verses' lines are in the 'classic repertoire'. Some are recent concoctions by the author.

9. Sex at noon taxes
10. No 'X' in Nixon
11. A Santa at NASA
12. T. Eliot's toilet
13. Madam, I'm Adam
14. Sex of foxes
15. Able ere Elba
16. A Toyota's a Toyota

Some readers might be relieved to note that there is an alternate version of the original palindromic news headline that proclaims, with a more optimistic tone in keeping with the holidays ...
      A Santa deified at NASA.

Stay tuned for further posts that will bring you poetic discussion of more classic palindromes:

Scheduled for February 5, 2021 ...
17. Mr. Owl ate my metal worm
18. Emil's lime
19. (Critique of palindromes); To idiot: 
20. A dim or fond 'No!' from Ida
21. No lemon, no melon (fruitless)
22. Contrived (saw- and see-lines)
23. Flee to me, remote elf
24. No sir, prison (Roger Stone)

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