Tuesday 5 April 2022


Re Arthropods

We had hived off verses about INSECTS, the most prevalent spineless creatures, and that poetic endeavour is gathered in separate blogposts that you can get into HERESo, follow the links, and enjoy. 

But there were lots of leftover interactions with various other groups of arthropods that you can read about in today's post. As usual, the illustrative photos were taken, unless otherwise specified, on Giorgio's i-phone 7 camera. The verses and supportive notes are derived from poems submitted to and edited on the collaborative humour-dictionary site, the Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form. 

California mussels
Dew worms
Gastropods (slugs and snails)
Ghost crabs


 Authors' Note: The term parasite derives via Latin from an old Greek term meaning "one who dines at another's table". To clarify more fully the terse explanation in the verse, endoparasites, taking up residence inside their host, get their nutrients by passive absorption or by burrowing in the tissues of their host, which could be you! There are very few cases where they spontaneously leave to go to another restaurant. Fortunately, effective treatments have been developed for many of these types of infestation.

Authors' Note: Intestinal parasites belonging to the phylum Nematoda are transmitted primarily through contaminated soil; they include members of these worm-families that produce systemic human disease: roundworms, whipworms, hookworms. A related group, the threadworms, cause disease primarily among pets.

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