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Authors' Note:

 -some (SOHM, sometimes ZOHM): Greek suffix for an intracellular body, or organelle, e.g. chromosome or lysosome
-phagia, or -phagy: Greek suffix for eating, or consumption
lysis: term of Greek origin for destruction or disintegration
lysosome: cellular organelle adapted to the destruction of extracellular material which has been internalized
autophagosome: membranous organelle that entraps targeted intracellular components, later merging with lysosomes for degradation and recycling of these components; their role in cell defence and in disease causation is under investigation

And, HERE's a verse about autophagia explaining use of the term to describe a rare and gruesome phenomenon.

Authors' Note: 
 Claustrophobe and its variants, claustrophobic and claustrophobia have been defined in other verses at OEDILF.   

Authors' Note: The 1977 album Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes by American singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett contained a song of the same title, as well as his most popular hit "Margaritaville".

With holiday season travel plans, and snowbirds' escapes to more appealing climes disrupted by the severe December weather in the winter of 2022, J.B.'s advice has more relevance. And the authors express gratitude to their female partner who has made arrangements for the appropriate seasonal migration.

Authors' Note: Contractors will describe the first phase of your tired old home's renovation as demolition, forgetting that, to the sensitive older homeowner, that term may conjure up visions of damage caused by aerial bombing, earthquakes or cyclones. In fact, I now have photos showing that the removal of half-century old linoleum tiles, popcorn ceilings and built-in cabinets may require almost that much destruction. We give thanks for the invention of the dumpster, and hope that things will look better in the next phase.

 Authors' Note:  The cumulative song "I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly" was created by two Canadian folksong aficionados in 1952, and then recorded by Burl Ives in 1953.  Other well-known cumulative songs which are traditional include "Old MacDonald had a Farm" and "The Green Grass Grew All Around".

slow uptake of the residential dishwasher
(photos per televised documentary)

inside a current residential dishwasher

 storage place for dirty dishes
(photo by G.C.)

a brand new dishwasher
(photo by G.C.)

Authors' Note
peccadillo: loan-word from Spanish meaning 'little sin’
epistaxis (eh-pih-STAK-sihs): bleeding from the nostrils

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