Saturday 10 September 2022


This blogpost is a continuation of material developed for a blog-post in 2021 entitled "Non-Sequiturs #1'. 

previous poetic postings (#1)
almost kosher
charity auction
close quarters
cold intolerance
cumulative songs

Judge's gavel
Gifted children
Having the audacity
Host and co-host
Obstruction of justice
Professor and Madman
Old Prospector
Secret life of plants
Victims of bullying

Authors' Note
peccadillo: loan-word from Spanish meaning 'little sin’
epistaxis (eh-pih-STAK-sihs): bleeding from the nostrils

Authors' Note: For educators, giftedness, e.g. in intellectual abilities, implies an ability significantly above average that motivates differences in school programming. For gifted children, social isolation from the majority of their age-peers is a major problem in their development and maturation. Various educational theories and practices abound in attempting to deal with this problem.  

Authors' Note"The Secret Life of Plants", 1973, was a controversial piece of 'non-fiction' that recounted controversial experiments that pointed to plant sentience and emotion. The book became the basis for a documentary film, and even inspired a music album by a well-known popular singer/musician in 1979. Considerable criticism arose from its then-trendy pseudoscientific claims based on non-replicable reports. Subsequently, aspects of how plants, including vegetable species, sense and react to environmental changes, have undergone more intense and sober investigation by academic botanists.

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