Sunday 5 February 2023

Another Angle: POETS' CORNER #3

prior poetic posts (part #1)
addiction to limerick writing 
authorly skill
bold-faced / bald-faced
cans and Can'ts (argumentively)
creative writing (decompose)
depressed limericist

prior poetic posts (part #2)
editorial state: "Held"
(the poet's) Family
free verse
gender-neutral language
inventiveness (palinkus)
problem of scansion
philosophy of limericks
rhotic-poet school

Noun-verb contractions
Satirical doggerel
Subtle editorial bullying
Wit's end
More to follow

Authors' Note: In the above limerick verse, seven noun-verb contractions, each characteristically joining its two elements (a pronoun or noun, and a verb) with an apostrophe, are italicized in blue. But, don't be misled: other types of contractions also use the apostrophe, and these are flagged in red font. Aren't is of course a negative contraction, and one's is a possessive form. 

Authors' Note: Used here in a loose sense, with no implications for ownership, cooperative refers to a group effort by like-minded individuals. Collaborative writing sites, such as the on-line dictionary OEDILF (nursery for many of Giorgio's concoctions), have the potential advantage to contributors of learning from peers, and ultimately higher rates of publication. Contributing editors ('eds'), however, may entertain estimations of their personal relevance and productivity that influence their editorial comments on others' work. Rarely, such notions are translated into malevolent actions by these poet-leaders.

Incidental Photo:

a snowy egret, fishing near the old bridge

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