Saturday 10 June 2023

NATIONAL (and multinational) Verse

la Francophonie
Canada (3 verses, a 'brief saga')
France (3 verses, a 'brief saga')
America (USA - 3 verses, a 'brief saga') 

Authors' Note:

neurasthenia: obsolete term from psychiatry, implying general debility attributed to exhaustion of the nervous system, as discussed here

Armenia, the first country in the world to adopt Christianity, has had disputes with its neighbors for most of its existence. The revered Mt. Ararat is now located geopolitically in Turkey, but is still considered a national symbol of Armenia, and dominates the view from the Armenian capital of Yerevan. Armenia's borders to the east and west currently remain closed owing to hostile relations with Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Authors' Note
The plight of Haiti, and some of its earlier history, are described in an OEDILF verse by speedysnail  


Authors' Note: More than 150 years after the conclusion of the American Civil War, the role of the Confederacy continues to generate high emotions.


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