Friday 15 March 2024


 This blogpost is a continuation of material developed for prior blog-posts, each grouping a collection of verses, entitled "Poetic NON-SEQUITURS #1" and "Poetic NON-SEQUITURS #2". 

previous posted poems (#1)
almost kosher
bush plane
charity auction
close quarters
cumulative songs

previous posted poems (#2)
doggy bag
far-flung family
gavel (judge's)
gifted children
having the audacity

Host and co-host
Hoyle, Edmond
Latitude (changes in)
Obstruction of justice
Old prospector
Professor and Madman
Secret life of plants
Victims of bullying

Author's Note: 

arrangement of florists: proposed collective noun for this occupational grouping.

Authors' Note: 

according to Hoyle: an idiom alluding to Edmond Hoyle's books as the ultimate authority on the rules of social games, particularly cardgames such as whist

There are few verifiable details of the early life of Edmond Hoyle (1672–1769). As a tutor in parlour games, he published A Short Treatise on the Game of Whist at the age of 70. Other books of rules followed, primarily involving card games, but also chess and probability theory. Hoyle died at age 97 in London, England, prior to the popularization of today's most common games such as poker and contract bridge. 

Authors' Note: The 1977 album Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes by American singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett contained a song of the same title, as well as his most popular hit "Margaritaville".
With holiday season travel plans, and snowbirds' escapes to more appealing climes disrupted by the severe December weather in the winter of 2022, J.B.'s advice has more relevance. And the authors express gratitude to their female partner who has made arrangements for the appropriate seasonal migration.

Authors' Note"The Secret Life of Plants", 1973, was a controversial piece of 'non-fiction' that recounted controversial experiments that pointed to plant sentience and emotion. The book became the basis for a documentary film, and even inspired a music album by a well-known popular singer/musician in 1979. Considerable criticism arose from its then-trendy pseudoscientific claims based on non-replicable reports. Subsequently, aspects of how plants, including vegetable species, sense and react to environmental changes, have undergone more intense and sober investigation by academic botanists.

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