Friday 10 January 2020

UNPLANNED CANALS: More Magical Palindromes

The current creation represents another spinoff of the recent slew of map-art blogposts by Giorgio Coniglio (registered pseudonym) and Dr. GH.

With all this mental energy focusing backwards and forwards on palindromes, it has been hard to avoid the subject of canals. So, check out the last in the series of  map-art collections...
 - INTRODUCTORY CONCLUSION: The Tourists' Palindromic Guides,
and these wordplay extravaganzas... 
 - MAGICAL CANAL VERSES and PALINDROMES: the application of the magical palindrome construct to wordplay of geographic interest. 
- MAGICAL PALINDROMESThe specifics of the development of magical palindromes, and an initial listing of examples can be found on this blogpost dating from February 2017.

SONGLINK: "A man, a plan, a canal - Panama"
Readers who are particularly interested in musical wordplay might also enjoy a fantastical discussion on the development of this famous palindrome by Leigh Mercer, in this blogpost of our lyrics blog (SILLY SONGS and SATIRE)  ...
"Leigh Mercer's Palindrome Workshop" .

Check out the 'FIRST SET' of examples (#1-5) here

And, if you still need a fix of more palindromic fun, go to "Gratingly American: THIRTY-ODD POLITICALLY-TAINTED PALINDROMES". 

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"DAILY ILLUSTRATED NONSENSEdraws much of its source material from the collections of illustrated verses which are inspired by the world around us, as portrayed on the current blog;  admittedly, those posts can get rather long and ponderous as more material presents itself. On the new blog, each daily posting will have a single focus illustrated by blog-editor Giorgio Coniglio's iphone-camera revelations, by terse original poetry, and by references to impeccable and awesome internet sources. Best of all, they can be appreciated within two minutes at most, don't involve solving puzzles or dismantling  words, and it's easy to unsuscribe.
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