Thursday 20 October 2016

MAGICAL ADVANCED PALINDROMES: Definition, Derivation, and Cumulative List

WORDPLAY post #9
Discussion with Examples 
EDITOR: Giorgio Coniglio, December, 2016. 

An unrecognized subtype of "advanced palindrome" has been developed by the author. A pair of related shorter palindromes is usually required as a starting point. These can be drawn from the classic palindrome repertoire, but related forms developed by the author are included. 

At the end of this post, some 50 examples are listed. Each example will also appear in the wordplay-collage of periodic postings.

Giorgio's List: Magical Palindromes

#1. No K in Nixon. No X in Nikon. 

#2. Lair trail. Liar trial.

#3. Edit time. Emit tide.

#4. Not a banana bastion? No! It's a banana baton.  

#5. Gnus snug. Guns sung.

#6. Golf sin-net. Tennis flog.

#7. Apple-Help, Ma. Ample help, Pa.

#8. Evil did I dial. Laid I did live.

#9. Six axes. Sex-axis.

#10. No 'darn!' in rayon. No 'yarn' in radon.

No 'R' in icon. No 'C' in iron.   

#12. Border? I'm fired, Rob. Border if mired Rob.

#13. Ev, losers revolve. Ev, lovers resolve.

#14. Cain, a manioc. Coin a maniac.

#15. A dim or fond 'No!' from Ilsa. A slim or fond 'No!' from Ida.

#16. Bar-garb. Bra grab. 

#17. Snap pins if I span nips. Spin naps if I snip pans.

#18. "Ned, I am a minor!". "Ron, I'm a maiden".

#19. No X - a salon. No L - a Saxon.

#20. Spit tops if I slop pals; slap pols if I spot tips.

#21. No left lemon; no-melt felon.

#22. Six at my gym taxes; sex at my gym? Taxis!

#23. No lemon in 'O, lemon'; no melon in 'O, melon'.

#24. Do nine men interpret nine memos? "Some men interpret." Nine men, I nod.

#25. Burrow or rob. Borrow or rub.  

#26. Ma is a sap. Pa's as I am.

#27. Doom a room if I loot a pool. Loop a tool if I moor a mood.

#28. God sees Suez. Zeus sees dog.

#29. No trace - not one carbon. No brace - not one carton.

#30. Oh! Pa's a Sam. Ma's a sapho.

#31. Won't raft-lovers revolt? Act now! Won't cat-lovers revolt? Fart now!

#32. No drape re 'boron'. No robe re 'pardon'.

#33. Flex-aware era waxes. Sex-aware era - wax elf!

#34. Megaton - Ottawa gem. Megawatt - O, not a gem.

#35. Girth trim. Mirth - trig.

#36. Senile fume. Emu, felines.

#37. Part bard. Drab trap.

#38. Cain, a motor erotomanioc. Coin a motor erotomaniac.

#39. Set agenda - red negates. Set a gender - ad negates.

#40. Too hot, too far, even. Never a foot to hoot.

#41. Aloof as a bard. Drab as a fool. 

#42. Ms: I pair prefer - satire vs. sarcasm; Ms: a crass veritas -refer 'priapism'. [veritas L. = truth]

#43. Selim, in Eden I'm Ada; Adam, in Eden I'm Iles.

#44. Spoof rut; turf - oops.

#45. Dog doo; good God!

#46. Dennis and Edna dine. Enid and Edna sinned.

#47. Elope tale. Elate-pole.

#48. E-file taxes. Sex ate life.

#49. Smug guns. Snug gums.

#50. God sees Oprah. Harpo sees dog.

#51. AL legal fees: see 'flagellate' et al. Legal fees: see 'flagella'. [AL = abbreviation for state of Alabama]

#52. Emil asleep peels a lemon. No! Mel asleep peels a lime.

#53. No melon, Mahon. No ham, no lemon.

#54. No-melt fig. Gift lemon.

#55. Net foe. Grab barge often.

#56. A dog, a pal, a panama. A man, a pal, a pagoda.

#57. Erupting, I sign it, "Carter". Retracting, I sign it, "Pure". 

#58. No sin-union. "No", in unison.

#59. No sin - U. London. No 'D'; No 'L' - unison. 

#60Won't lovers re-tilt now? Won't liters revolt now? 

#61. No sin, even if 'No' in unison. No sin union - fine venison.

#62. A Honda's a Toyota. A Toyota? Sad No. Ha! 

#65. No sin, even if 'No' in unison. No sin union - fine venison. 

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