Tuesday 25 August 2020

Submitted Palindromes: #A, targeted at the iconic "PANAMA CANAL" palindrome


You might be one of those readers who enjoys the above format, in which the panel of our most prolific submitters have a go at spoofing certain well-known and well-loved classic phrases in the palindrome repertoire. 

  If, in fact, that is the case, you might enjoy taking a look at our other funky posts ...

 B: Dennis sinned.

 C: A Santa lived as a devil at NASA.

 D: Won't lovers revolt now?


 I: Embargos so grab me. (Link available after August 25, 2024).

Moreover, there are at the beginning of this series (back in 2020), literary profiles of our principal contributors, and lots of posts showing random piles of their work. This material can all be found by searching this blog for "submitted", or by sorting date-wise through the lists of post-topics in the right-hand column of the blog.  


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