Thursday 15 October 2020

Limericks and Locks: The Poetry of CANALS

Swan guiding barge,
lower end of St-Martin Canal

The current offering meshes with a developing slew of map-art blogposts by Giorgio Coniglio and Dr. GH. With all this mental energy focusing backwards and forwards on palindromes, it is hard to avoid the subject of canalsAnd to help wordplay-buffs focus on palindromes about canals, here is an ancient blogpost on the subject: CANALINDROMES


Also, check out these collections of wordplay-maps by Dr. G.H. and Giorgio Coniglio (registered pseudonym)
 - Tourists' Palindromic Guide: The Old World #1
 - Tourists' Palindromic Guide: The Old World #2
 - Tourists' Palindromic Guide: The Old World #3
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 - Tourists' Palindromic Guide: The Americas #1
Tourists' Palindromic Guide: The Americas #2
 - Tourists' Palindromic Guide: The Americas #3
 - Tourists' Palindromic Guide: The Americas #4
 - INTRODUCTORY CONCLUSION: The Tourists' Palindromic Guides  
as well as a didactic post explaining the origin and rationale of 

You might want to check out Wikipedia's article on the Panama (Ecuadorian) hat.

To read more about the origin, creation and listing of magical palindromes, click or cluck here to get to Giorgio's original blogpost on the topic.

And, a last minute reprieve... For those who find that they are delighted by magical canal palindromes, and can't live without more of them, we have just concocted a follow-up post, entitled "Unplanned Canals"

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