Thursday, 10 June 2021

Poems about Avian Life: BIRDLORE, part#1

American goldfinches
California scrub-jays
Cattle egrets
Cedar waxwings
Dawn chorus
De-snooding (domestic turkeys)
Eagles and eaglets

Authors' Note:  This common North American bird species, Spinus tristis, is often referred to as the "wild canary" owing to the male's bright yellow summer coat, set off by black wings with white ribbons and black forehead patch. As their diet consists almost entirely of seeds, nesting does not begin until mid-or late summer when weed seeds become plentiful. Thistle heads are used not only to feed the young, but also to construct the nest! The relative dietary habits of finches around the globe (insects versus seeds) has been an area of intense biologic study (see the verse "Darwin's finches” at 

Authors' Note: The cattle egret is a wading bird most closely related to the herons of Ardea species, but is also a cousin of the common egret and snowy egret. Unlike the latter birds, it may breed in drier areas further inland, and consume terrestrial insects as a substantial portion of its diet. Recently documented changes in its range include expansion to much of the United States, South America, southern Africa and Australia. In general, the bird's enlarged domain has followed that of domesticated grazing mammals.

As bovine may have the meaning of 'dull' or 'stolid', the author was delighted to ascribe more emotional responses to these beasts.

Authors' Note: 

 mohel (mo-HAYL, a more Hebraic pronunciation), or
 moyel (MOY-uhl, more Yiddish-influenced)   
 The current verse can be read employing either pronunciation.

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Bird-watchers, academic ornithologists, wordplay enthusiasts, wildlife photographers, Giorgio's relatives, and just everyday folks have united in their demand for more verses on the topic of landbirds!
So, please follow this link! for 'birdlore, part#2' 

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