Monday 10 July 2023


This post provides a follow-up to these prior relate collections:
"AMERICAN SATIRE (A Term of Endirement) #1(Note that this first collection of poems also gives helpful suggestions on how to SING these intriguing lyrics.)
"AMERICAN SATIRE (A Term of Endirement) #2"
"AMERICAN SATIRE (A Term of Endirement) #3"
"AMERICAN SATIRE (A Term of Endirement) #4"
"AMERICAN SATIRE (A Term of Endirement) #5"

previous posted poems (prolongation #1)
coups in the news
criminal lying
deceit, social
espionage act

CURRENT CONTENTS: (prolongation #2)
Hokum (election fraud)
Legal precedence
Meticulous archivist
Obstruction of justice
Special master
Taking the Fifth
Nikki Haley rally
Deserved (schadenfreude)

Authors' Note: The 'Mitt' in the above verse is  allegorical, unrelated to any real current person or long-serving Republican US senator. 


Authors' Note: 

oy gevalt (oy-guh-VULT): phrase borrowed from Yiddish; an exclamation expressing shock, surprise or disapproval

schadenfreude (SHA-den-froi-duh, or as here, sha-den-FROI-duh): loanword from German; taking delight in others' misfortune

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