Tuesday 5 March 2024

Progress in Poetry: "LIMERRHOIDS" (C-rhyme extension)

 We're hoping with this blogpost to provide you with more understanding and some helpful examples related to a type of  limerick-variation indulged in by the authors. To see the whole spectrum of our efforts, you might want to take the time to review "A Corner of the Poet's World: LIMERICK VARIATIONS".

Note that "limerrhoid" is a neologism, i.e. a concocted word invented by the authors for an extended limerick verse; it has no genuine medical significance, although it sounds as if it should. And, before you proceed to learn about limerrhoids, you might want to review the simpler concept of extended 7-line limericks that result from the incorporation of "extra" pairs of lines with A-or B-rhymes, usually at the end of the stanza. We do also indulge in these less sophisticated entities, and we have collected them for you; click HERE for "Run-On Limericks".   

Authors' Note: an apocryphal tale. The authors offer their apologies to any extant persons in Ireland or elsewhere named Seamus O'Malley, or their descendants.

More Examples

Further collections of "limerrhoid" verses by the authors, using an extended limerick format, have been compiled for readers; click HERE

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