Friday 5 January 2024

More Collected LIMERRHOIDS (limerick-variants with 7 to 9- lines)

You might want to get started by reviewing the blogpost explaining the rationale behind the various types of extended limericks, as developed by the authors. Click HERE
And to learn more about limerick-variations in general, click HERE . 

Verses in this collection can be viewed in larger format, with their relevant "authors' notes" and oftentimes further photographic elaboration, as distributed through the offerings on our other blogpost "Daily Illustrated Nonsense".

DIRECTION FOR WEB-TRAVELLERS: To resume daily titillations on our related blog 'Daily Illustrated Nonsense', click HERE. Once you arrive, you can select your time frame of interest from the calendar-based listings in the righthand margin, and check the daily offerings for any month in the years 2020 to the present. (As of December 2023, there are about 1400 unique entries available on the Daily blog, and most of these are also presented here on 'Edifying Nonsense' in topic-based collections.) The 'Daily' format has the advantage of including some videos and other material that are not shown here on this topic-based blog.

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